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Why Your Business Needs a Website

Boost your business online.

John Mitsakos

November 14, 2006

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Marketing your business over the Internet represents the cheapest and most efficient way to communicate with potential and existing customers.
If your business is a Bricks and Mortar, rather than a pure online, it’s possible that you don’t have a website and you could be missing out on substantial sales.

Having a website enables your to:
Communicate your products and services
Provide an ordering point for customers
Allow customers to give feedback
Host an email newsletter

Communicate your products and services
A website allows you to communicate in a cheap and effective way to millions of potential customers. There is no other way you could use that has the potential to explode your sales.

Communicating to customers through a website allows you to take advantage of the immediacy and speed that can be achieved.
You are able to show all the products and services you have on offer through your website.

Provide an ordering point for customers
Setting up a shopping cart can give you an interactive shopping cart where customers can browse through pictures and descriptions of your products and order in the comfort of their own home.

E-commerce has developed to the point where setting up a shopping cart and online payment system is relatively inexpensive. Being able to take advantage of impulse buyers means increasing your sales

Allow customers to give feedback
Allowing your customers to give feedback through your website gives your customers to interact with you. Any problems with the purchase are able to be sorted out quickly and thoroughly. You can use it to collect market data and analyse any opportunities that occur by asking the customers for feedback. A number of methods allow you to implement a system whereby your customers can communicate through your website such as email, hosting your own forum or running a blog with comments turned on.

Host an email newsletter
Sending out a regular email newsletter allows you to communicate with your customers without your customers visiting your website. Your customers should be allowed to sign up through your website. Your email can contain news about your business, offers that are available at your business, or even other businesses that you have a relationship with. This can be a very powerful form of marketing as it is usually reciprocal or it means you can earn cash from your email newsletter.

Considering the cost implications of setting up a website being so negligible and the fact that your customer may already have a website and could be getting customers intended for you.

Get a website and explode your business.


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