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How To Use Video Marketing To Boost Your Sales

Using videos will increase your brand recognition, create buzz and help you promote and sell your products or services more effectively.

Titus Hoskins

January 09, 2007

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Most savvy Internet marketers didn't need YouTube or the cover of Time magazine to tell them video is the next big thing. Most web marketers were already using and benefiting from online videos long before Time and other pundits declared video and self generated content to be having a profound impact on our daily lives.

Many online marketers have been using videos for years to promote and sell their products. Mainly because the use of video as a marketing tool is cost-effective and a very simple way to market. It is one marketing trend no online marketer can ignore. It is already playing a major role in online marketing and will play an even greater role in the future.

Just look at how video is being used by Brock Felt and Buck Rizvi to roll out their PipeLine Profits venture. These relatively unknown marketers are using video from the recent StomperNet event to introduce and gather buzz for their PipeLine (Co-Registration) Profits ( You should also note how effectively blogs and podcasts are being used in this marketing product roll-out.

More and more well known Internet marketers are using videos to create buzz, to promote and sell their products. From John Reese promotional video, standing at the Great Wall of China announcing his upcoming 'online training courses' ( to Joel Comm plugging his latest Adsense Templates package on Google Video to Michael Cheney's tongue- in-cheek CMN Cheney's Marketing News.

( Note how Cheney is offering these videos for placement on any site around the web, building links and brand recognition in the process. Online marketers are exploiting the immediate connection and effectiveness of using video in their marketing. Videos are used to inform potential customers on different products, services or promotions offered by the marketer.

These seasoned marketers know building a solid relationship with your clients is a main key to boosting your sales. The use of video is an effective, and simple way to make this connection. Most marketers also use blogs to update and connect with potential clients.

Blogs and RSS feeds are perhaps the more important marketing tools which actually give videos their unlimited potential. The real power behind the throne. With the advent of the next RSS empowered Windows (Vista), one would expect Blogs and RSS to play an even greater role in the Internet marketing arena. Video has truly arrived in the online marketing world.

Basically, what we will see is every website on the net becoming its own broadcasting system. Its own television channel catering to a specific niche or a broad topic depending on the subject matter covered by the site. A billion channel Internet powered by RSS and video. One only has to look at how a prominent site like is using videos to see how this scenario will play out.

But what is truly revolutionary, you don't have to be a major player to get in this marketing game, even the smallest marketer can use and benefit from implementing their own videos. A simple video or digital camera can produce an informational video within minutes. These can range from the so-called 'poor man' Camtasia videos, to elaborate infomercials and commercials. You can then upload these videos to your blog or site and distribute them around the web within seconds. Those concerned with bandwidth costs can always upload their videos to YouTube or Google Video. This simple video marketing system is available to everyone.

Current savvy online marketers are using these videos as effective marketing tools. No reason why you can't follow their lead and use videos to:

1. Introduce yourself or your product
2. Create buzz during a product launch
Build your list by offering free videos
4. Create video content to enrich your site
5. Build a more personal relationship with subscribers
6. Keep in contact with your clients
Create a video sales letter/pitch to sell your product or service

Nothing beats the personal and direct connection video or TV makes with your potential customers and follow-up leads. It's the infomercial personalized for the web. Soon marketers will be using video software that automatically inserts their subscriber's name in their videos for a more personal touch. Similar to what we see done now with AutoResponders with the field {first_name) personalizing all correspondence with our subscribers. Expect this personalized video marketing to be a big trend in the coming years. Your own name is still the sweetest word on the planet.

Most savvy marketers will take advantage of this fact by personalizing their messages and building a genuine relationship with their clients. Personalized videos will help cement this relationship and make it stronger - all contributing to more sales for the marketer, of course! From a marketing viewpoint: videos, podcasts, broadcatching, webcasting and video casting are all phrases for the same thing: they are all ways to get your message in front of your customers.

Obviously video will help you reach more customers. Video will make it easier for you to promote your products or services. Perhaps, more importantly, videos will make it easier for you to sell your products and services. It is one more tool all online marketers should have in their marketing arsenal. Video is already the future of online marketing, you should be taking full advantage of it right now.

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