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How to Get Started in Information Marketing & Build a Million-Dollar Business in 12 Months

Information Marketing

Robert Skrob

November 01, 2007

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You may not know Ed O'Keefe, Scott Tucker or Pamela Yellen, but you should. These astute small business owners are raking in the big bucks by riding on a fast-moving, on-the-right-track bandwagon called information marketing.

Info-marketing is a booming business approach that is turning ordinary people like Ed, Scott, Pamela, and thousands of others into top earners. Want to know the secret to their enormous success?

1. They researched their markets
2. Found out what products or services buyers are clamoring for
3. Cleverly packaged and sold those in-demand products as books, magazines, audio programs, newsletters, coaching, seminars, and conferences

You don't have to be the world's foremost expert on all topics to create and successfully sell an information product. You simply need to have the knowledge others want and are willing to pay for. Here's how…

How to Find Your Market

Some people like Scott Tucker (, a mortgage broker who offers his marketing strategies and guaranteed area exclusivity to other brokers, start their business after becoming successful in their niche themselves.

Other people must search high and low for their market. For example, fresh out of college Ed tried to eke out a living as a motivational speaker. He knew he needed a change, but first he had to find his own niche. Here's how Ed found his niche:

1. Ed made he decision to set out to identify the market that could support him in style. That was his first step from rags to riches.

2. Then he searched through the yellow pages, noting which professions and industries invested the most into marketing. Thorough research included perusing the SRDS (Standard Rate and Data Service) book, which comprises all the mailing lists available for purchase. By breaking down those lists by state, demographics, and the number of people who bought the product, the SRDS can help info-marketers find the groups that might be interested in their products or services.

That is how Ed found a business he could truly sink his teeth into: recruiting clients for dentists ( Today he does direct-mail, lead-generation campaigns for dentists, who sign up for his system, choose the kinds of patients they want. And Ed takes care of all the marketing.

Guess what?

Ed had no prior knowledge of the dentist industry. He used his previous experiences in a specific field to launch a profitable, niche information marketing business.

Just how lucrative is Ed's business?

In three-and-half years he has increased the price of his continuity program from $19.99 a month to $450 a month. He now has over 1,000 members. You do the math.

Now that you found your target market, the question is: how do you create and launch a profit-generating product that will turn your rags into riches? Here's how..

How to Create a "Killer" Product

There are many ways to package information because info-marketing encompasses so many different disciplines.

Pamela Yellen started out as a professional speaker, teaching insurance agents and financial advisors how to prospect and market themselves. Wanting to try her hand at information marketing, Pamela created a sales letter and ran an ad in a trade journal for a system that allows her clients to get back the entire purchase price of luxury cars and other big-ticket consumer goods.

Maybe it was beginner's luck but it worked within three months, she was making $20,000 a month!"

Today, Pamela focuses her very lucrative information marketing business on a broad audience, but she converts leads into sales by targeting about 500 financial advisors and insurance agents. And, Her Bank on Yourself products ( help ordinary folks get back interest otherwise paid to banks, finance and credit card companies, and turn it into tax-free income.

Ed, Scott and Pamela created information products and services their customers are willing to pay for because they provide excellent value. These services can be sold for 10 to 20 times what it costs to produce them. Information marketing is about the only business that allows you to do just that.

Another advantage of the information marketing industry is that, though much of it is home-based and part-time, in many cases it nets seven-figure incomes. No other business offers an equally lucrative opportunity to place yourself in the top income bracket by merely working from your kitchen table.


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