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How To Grab The Spotlight In Trade Shows

Colleen Davis

November 22, 2007

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Trade shows are effective means to showcase your business to a multitude of clients and would-be customers. In the US and Canada, studies show that approximately 4,000 trade shows are organized each year. And almost 100 million people attend these gatherings. Researchers further expect that the number of participants would even increase in the years to come.

According to surveys, clients put great importance to these trade shows to make their buying decisions. Trade shows are frequented by buyers precisely because they are able to see how your products look and at the same time compare them with those of the other companies.

More than magazines and other promotional materials, trade shows are definitely better options if you want your business to make significant increase in sales. As an exhibitor, you would want to use trade exhibits to build client relationships, draw new clients to your business, as well as see what the competition has to offer.

To maximize the potential of every trade show you participate in, one of the most important technique is to provide a pre-show marketing strategy.

Going to a trade show without any preparation is like going to a war without any bullets for your guns. Without any preparation, you're just going to waste not only your time and money, but your clients' too.

Pre-trade show marketing is essential to let your clients and prospective customers know about the trade show and the booth you're going to have. The main purpose in your pre-show ad is to let people know that you will be in a trade show at particular dates and time. Let them know your booth number as well so your clients would know where to find you.

Promoting the trade show is not only the responsibility of the organizers. You also have the duty to let your target clients know what shows you will be attending as well as what products you're going to present.

You can choose from any pre-show activities such as personal invitations, printed color flyers, promotions in trade publications and the local media, direct mail strategy, telemarketing, website ads, and sponsorships.

Trade shows are definitely significant avenues to promote your products and services. To optimize their potential, you need to make sure that you are not just passive participants in these events. With a pre-show marketing strategy, I hope you become a better exhibitor who makes great waves in your sales.


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