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Product Launches - Creating The Perfect Sale

We have all heard the expression "The Perfect Storm" but do you know many believe there's a marketing equivalent called "The Perfect Sale" - learn more.

Titus Hoskins

October 28, 2008

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We have all heard the expression "The Perfect Storm" and it refers to the situation where all weather elements come together at the same time to produce a perfect storm. But is there an equivalent of the perfect storm in the marketing world? A situation where all elements come together to produce "The Perfect Sale?" For the moment, we will conveniently ignore the current world economic meltdown and look only at positive situations where this event may occur.

Perhaps, the closest thing we have to the Perfect Sale is the online product launch. But unlike the natural phenomenon, this event is carefully planned and orchestrated by a whole army of web savvy marketers who know exactly what has to be done to create this Perfect Sale. For this "sale" doesn't just happen, professional web marketers create their own system of events that lead up to this Perfect Sale, earning themselves enormous profits in the process. This is an orchestrated marketing effort that bring potential buyers onto their contact lists and into their marketing funnels; heading straight towards their Perfect Sale.

These online marketers use a whole array of marketing tactics to bring potential buyers to their sales page.

One of the most effective methods is the JV or joint venture with other established marketers who have long lists of interested buyers, and for a percentage of the sales, the JV partner promotes your sales page or product. There are even JV brokers, Mike Merz and Kenneth McArthur come readily to mind, but there are many more JV brokers who can arrange or line up potential partners to help promote your product.

A certain date is set for the release of your product and all potential partners/affiliates promote to their lists and on their sites. A buying frenzy can be whipped up especially if the product is limited and only a certain number of sales will be accepted. Also a high quality free sampling or teaser is usually given away to build up massive contact lists of interested buyers, this freebie is used to pre-sell to these buyers. There may even be a countdown clock to further create excitement and urgency in the mind of the buyer.

On launch day, everything is synchronized. JV partners mail out to their massive contact lists, enticing all their subscribers with extra bonuses to buy the product now before it's gone. The sales letter page goes live and the sales pour in... creating "The Perfect Sale." For the non-marketing reader, this may seem a bit far-fetched but in actual fact these product launches are occurring online every week - creating the "Perfect Sale" over and over again.

And these launches have been around for many years, one of the most famous being John Reese's "Traffic Secrets" which was released in the summer of 2004 and earned over 1 million in revenue in one day. There are even some savvy marketers who have perfected the product launch system into an art form, mainly Jeff Walker (Product Launch Formula) and Frank Kern (Mass Control) just to mention a few of the top marketers out there teaching and applying this marketing technique.

Key Elements Of A Product Launch

However, just like the Perfect Storm, in order to create this Perfect Sale many factors have to fall into place and come together. Some of these main elements are:

1. A high quality product which is in demand and desired by the potential buyers. It must solve a problem or meet a need within its niche market. Bit obvious but without this demand the product won't sell in any great numbers, no matter what tactics you use.

2. A perfectly written sales letter that converts. Your sales page must convert into actual sales of your product. Again, quite obvious but if your sales page does not convert, it's game over.

3. A whole motivated group of JV partners with enormous lists and bonuses to offer to potential buyers. Many product launches now offer special prizes (anywhere from a luxury sports car to the latest tech gadget) for those partners who can bring in the most sales.

4. A whole array of orchestrated, pre-launch tactics building up interest in your product with free high quality giveaways to get your buyer's attention and contact information. Even a newly created blog to keep everyone informed about your product launch is often used.

5. Most of the above tactics have to do with creating the potential buyer with the right mind-set for buying your product. Creating a limited number of products or setting a certain time-frame for selling, and offering special deals or bonuses will further create demand for your product.

Product Launch Day - The Perfect Sale

Product launch day is when all the above factors come into play creating the "Perfect Sale". Done properly such a sale can whip up such a buying frenzy that would put any great white to shame; earning all involved a healthy profit. It is one marketing tactic that's not likely to disappear any time soon, although the novelty of such an event is slowly wearing thin as countless marketers try to re-invent the wheel. Regardless, as an online marketing tool, the product launch is still one of the most effective ways to quickly introduce your product, build your list and cement your reputation. Not to mention, you can also earn a hefty sum of money in a very short period of time; the "Perfect Sale" indeed.


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