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Some Best Ways to Attract Web Traffic to Your Blog

Ginfo gsix

November 18, 2008

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Do you have problem getting targeted web traffic to your blog? Let’s just say Good money for it too and you’ve started posting nice things about your best home based internet business too. But you don’t want it to be just that, a nice looking blog. You should follow given ways:-

1. The Title Tag
most people already know that the post title plays an important part in how well your blog post will rank in search engines. Besides the post content, this is going to help you bring targeted web traffic to your blog and ultimately your internet home business. So the words or phrases you choose which should contain your main keyword must provide a hint of what you are going to write and entice the reader to continue reading it. If he does that, you have achieved the goal of the title.

2. Submit To Directories
Submitting your blog to a lot of wesbite directories is time consuming but it is very important in getting one way links and improving link popularity. Remember with each directory that you submit to, it takes you a step closer in ranking high in search engines. It is especially useful for marketers with more than one blog to submit.

3. Social Bookmarking
essentially it allows the flexibility in which anyone who visits and likes a site can easily click on their favorite bookmarking site and bookmark it.

4. Squidoo and HubPage
A Squidoo and HubPage are quite similar in that it lets you write and focus on a specific topic. Google loves them especially HubPage, which links back to your blog. For more results go to The good thing about Squidoo lens and Hubpage is that they allow you to bring in your RSS Feed. So when you update your blog, both your lens and HubPage get updated too. The same visitor who goes to your lens is able to find your RSS feed to your blog too. In this way, you will get more targeted web traffic coming to your blog.

5. Create a Checklist
you may already be doing a number of other different ways to bring targeted web traffic, but more importantly, this checklist allows you to monitor your own results. Keep those that work and discard others that don’t and ultimately you will have the most perfect plan there For getting huge amount of web traffic to your blog.

If you follow this plan consistently, be prepared for stoppable high targeted web traffic coming to your blog and ultimately to your best home based internet business.


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