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Climb Up The Ladder Of Search Engine Rankings With Expert Article Marketing Service

Amber Smith

December 16, 2008

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With cut-throat competition on the Internet, it isn’t very easy to catch a fish online. You first have to create your niche among them, which can easily be done through effective article marketing techniques. Communicating valuable information about your niche market makes you look like an expert in the eyes of potential customers. Persuasive information may entice them to visit your website through back links that are incorporated in the article content and in the resource box at the end of every article. Back links thereby plays an important role in article marketing.

Higher search engine rankings with relevant back links in the articles

Relevant back links makes your website a strong contender to vouch for higher search engine rankings. So, article marketing via listing back links is used as an extension of essential SEO link building campaigns.

Well-written and informative articles spread like a forest fire on the Internet. Once you have distributed your articles with your company’s URL in several online article directories, many small webmasters copy it from there and place it on their website along with the resource box that contains the back link to your company’s website. Hence, if your article is informative and nicely crafted, it may give you several permanent inbound links. This ultimately boosts your search engine ranking.

You must hire a professional SEO Company to take charge of your article marketing campaign. They strive to make necessary inbound links in the submitted articles that divert targeted traffic to your website and soon lead you to topmost position on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Submission to the right article directories

SEO experts know that the articles need to be syndicated to SEO friendly article directories to get the maximum benefit of the written articles. For instance, some article directories do not allow HTML tags that are necessary to be recognized by the web spiders and some are no-follow. So, it is better to avoid submission with such directories.

Properly implemented article marketing campaign with submission to right article directories help your articles indexed quickly. Besides, the search engine ranking of the article directory itself is another important concern that must be taken care of. Only the article directory that has higher search engine rankings would promise good marketing of your articles and give you an added advantage.

Hence, effective and professional article marketing service is especially beneficial for new online business to draw the attention of web spiders in no time and get the most coveted rankings in the search engine results.

Article marketing and social bookmarking

Another novel way that gives a great boost to your article marketing campaign is the social bookmarking. Bookmarking approved articles from the article directories at the popular do-follow sites such as, facebook and others is a great idea. These sites ensure maximum exposure and targeted traffic to your articles as the site members can publicly share their favorite web pages. 

Therefore, you can avail the maximum benefit of article marketing campaigns if it is executed by professional SEO Company that is proficient in the field.

Since you will be submitting your article on to free article directories your articles will be free for webmasters to pick up and put up on their websites. This further opens a plethora of opportunities to attract more traffic as your informative article gets published on different websites containing back links.


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