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Signboard vs Spotlight Banner

Which one attracts the most and cost effective?

Trini Sario

January 13, 2009

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We live in an “instant” society. Instant coffee, drive through restaurants, on-line banking, and a mind-set of “I want it when I want it and not when you are open”. So when a prospective client wants information about you or your services they will look for your banner maybe when they are hunting for their morning cup of coffee.

That being said, are you making use of “Banner” advertising? There are many pros and cons about having banners, (either near your shop,outlet or by the roadside) and you can get as many opinions about them as there are grains of sand on the beach.

Why do we utilise banners as a marketing tool? On a macro level, there are four reasons; to sell, to launch, to correct a misconception and to create an impression. On a general level, we use banners to increase sales, to introduce new products and to position or reposition your company, its brand and products.

With its better attraction, Spotlight banner is far more famous than Signboard in the market nowadays. It has a lower maintenance and banner printing cost compared with Signboard. It has a very low replacement cost as well where you can change your banner as frequent as once a month. By exposing to the sun light, its longevity is about 1 year.

Signboard which is also quite common in the market may need a more frequent of repairing or replacing job to be done because of the spoilt of any bulb in the Signboard. Consumer need to pay a large amount of wages to the wireman or the technical guy from banner house who have been called up for help. By exposing to the sun light too, its longevity is about 3 to 4 years but with the color on the Signboard become dim year by year.

While the Spotlight banner can be seen almost everywhere now, still there is consumer who having the traditional Signboard with them because of the better match with their business flow and the concern for low cost advertising approach and method.

If you design your banners with a purpose, they will not be viewed as a nuisance to the public eye, an eyesore. Rather, they will see them as benefiting them with additional information, offers or company exposure. If you still can not decide between spotlight banner and signboard, a quick trip down the road would benefit you. You can literally see the differences, pros and cons of have either.






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