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Ascend To The Top Of Your Niche Rankings With Contextual Link Building

Cleva Smith

January 26, 2009

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Every web master dreams of landing on the top spot with his website on the search engine results. Contextual link building is one of the many tactics of SEO that webmasters can make use of in order to get on top. It is however important to know the latest search engine algorithm trends in order to draw maximum benefit from link building and other SEO moves.

The blog network

SEO companies that will be offering you contextual link building services are teamed up with many bloggers to form an entire network. Only the finest blogs that are well maintained and heavily promoted are part of the network.

It is important to understand the nature of the blogs where the reviews are posted. These blogs are not mere link selling spaces. Rather they are popular blogs that have a great fan following and a multitude of back links.

The fact that these blogs have their own traffic enables them to drive relevant direct traffic to the website that is reviewed on the blogs. This is why such blogs will be able to deliver maximum link building value to your website. Your website will begin to make its way upwards on the search engine rankings in a steady, completely ethical and purely natural manner.

Since contextual link building is very similar to what is known as word of mouth advertising off the net, PR matters. In the process of contextual link building web users are given useful information and a recommendation of your website. The selected blogs on the network can take advantage of the PR that they have developed and transfer it on to your website along with the traffic generated off of links.

Creating unique content and linking anchor text

The nature of the blog posts is as important as is the selecting of blogs where they will be posted. You would want to ensure your blog posts give out interesting and useful information to the readers. Furthermore the entire content should be free of plagiarism. But giving your readers something good to read is not all there is to contextual link building. Rather the main motive is to add relevant in bound links to your website.

The blog posts will contain a link back to your website through an anchor text which is chosen by the webmaster in consultation with an SEO company.

Link building time line

With the first three aspects of finding unique blogs, writing informative reviews and adding links to anchor texts covered you need to ensure that the process moves forward in such a way that it seems natural to the search engines. This is because unnatural rapid link building will be detected as spamming which might result in your website getting penalized.

Ideally the reviews should be posted up on unique blogs slowly and steadily over a time period of a couple of weeks to a month. In this way you will be able to ensure that search engines find the link building to be natural.

Despite the effectiveness of contextual link building most SEO companies will advise you to compliment these efforts with other link building services such as article marketing to help you get on top of your niche.


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