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Print Production with the Right Printer for Your Small Business

Dave Thomas

May 30, 2012

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Even the smallest of businesses will have printing needs, so choosing the right printer for one’s small business should not be taken for granted.

If your small business is thinking of changing printers or is in the position of buying one for the first time, doing your research, shopping wisely, and getting the most for your dollar are all important aspects of the purchasing process.

Among the things to keep in mind when shopping for your office printer include:

  • What are our service needs? – First and foremost you need to know what your company’s printing needs are so that you make the right purchase. If you figure to or already know you have a high volume of printing needs, then you want a machine that will give you a long service life, one that comes with the best warranty available. The best option here would be a durable laser printer that comes with longer-lasting toner cartridges. In the event you have smaller printing requirements, you can consider acquiring a multifunctional printer until the time your company starts growing. If company needs will include copying, faxing and scanning to name a few, make sure you find the right printer to handle all those tasks;
  • How much computer access and memory will be needed? – If you foresee a number of your office computers requiring access to the printer, make sure you buy one that can properly deal with input from a number of machines. You also want a printer that has a fair amount of memory that will permit you to run bigger documents and graphics without many issues;
  • What are our budgetary requirements? – As you look at your company’s budget for printers, keep in mind the cost for printer ink cartridges and paper, as these will be two of the most common expenses for maintaining regular production with the printer. Also set aside the warranties for each potential printer so that you have a machine with good protection on it. If buying a printer is not an option right now for your small business, think about the option of renting one;
  • Get reviews before purchasing – Just like you would not buy a car or high other high-ticket item without reviewing, your office printer is not like buying a box of pens or staples. Take the time to review different periodicals, both in print and online to see which printers get the highest grades. You should also ask business associates which ones they recommend so that you have some information with which to go off of. Compare price, reliability, functionality, warranty etc. before making your purchase.

While purchasing a printer or printers for your small business doesn’t have to be rocket science, it does take some time and effort.

With a large range of printers available for your business, keep in mind that the quality continues to improve while the prices generally keep falling, two factors that you can definitely print success with.


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