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Look Within For Answers

Anthony Pensabene

June 01, 2012

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Today, there's word that another company is stalling its IPO because Facebook's was less-than optimal.  This could be a good business decision; however, brands and target markets vary; it could be a mistake as well.  Should brands look laterally or within to come to business conclusions?   It's a good question; and it's good practice to be aware of your surroundings; but, should your brand "follow" the decisions of others?

Link Building

Many brands use link building to gain extra exposure.  Additionally, at present, search engines use links as cues to a particular page's or domain's authority and popularity.  Obviously, browsers want to see results that best serve their query.  Bigger brands attempt to make a big push for links because of the multitude of pages associated to goods and services.  A large-scale link building campaign could produce great results, but it's not always needed or worth the investment for smaller or particular brands.


Many SEO gurus will tell you to produce content endlessly.  Sure, search engines also use content as cues to associate pages/domains with particular keywords.  But, what if on a particular day, your team doesn't have anything new to add or anything specific to say?  Should you just put anything on the Web to satiate some content quota?  Other brands may produce several pieces of content per day; but, will that process necessarily benefit your brand?  The process is not like a light switch; more factors are involved.

Sharing Content

Many marketing professionals will tell you to share as much as possible because doing so increases the likelihood of gaining links.  However, the process is not akin to lifting weights; you won't necessarily gain more link muscle the more content you share.  Actually, if your brand is relentlessly churning out material, this may alienate the brand from readers.  Secondly, it's important to engage with others in social media spheres, meaning you have to share content as well.  Only brands with incredible reputations (think Wall Street Journal, New York Times) can get away with incessant sharing while neglecting to share the content of others.


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