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Should My Small Business Hire an SEO Marketing Consultant?

Dave Thomas

June 20, 2012

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Business owners have a full plate on their hands as it is, but the decision to stay in-house or go outside with one’s SEO efforts is an important call.

For the small business owner that is not entirely web savvy, having an SEO consultant to oversee the business’ web efforts can be quite beneficial. As more and more customers migrate to the Internet for information and to make purchases, having a solid Web site is important for even the smallest of companies. With more visitors to your site, it can lead to increased sales, meaning a better return on investment (ROI).

The first question for those that own businesses is what are the pros and cons of having someone to oversee your SEO efforts?

On the pro side, an SEO marketing consultant means:

  • Saving you valuable time – With all that a business owner has to do, time is often of the essence. A consultant can save you and your staff time by putting together interesting content that will drive more traffic to your site, along with helping determine for you what works and what does not;
  • More traffic leads to more business – Given that more visitors to your site can increase the chances of locking up more deals, having a dedicated person focused on your Web site also helps you in order to achieve a higher rank on the major search engines;
  • Experience on your side – Another benefit to hiring a consultant to oversee your web matters is that they bring the experience you likely do not have. With their years of expertise in this field, they can guide you on integrating effective optimization tools that will enhance your online business abilities.

On the con side, an SEO marketing consultant means:

  • Spending money – Since nothing is truly free these days, your business can expect to pay money for the SEO web services you desire. While initially you may be in the red, keep in mind that the long-term goal is to make a profit by having better Web site traffic, hence having an SEO specialist to bring you such;
  • Dealing with outside assistance – No one should know your site better than you. With that being the case, you will need to make sure you convey to the SEO marketing consultant what exactly you want. Unlike having someone in-house on your team to communicate with, working through an outside source can be challenging in order to make sure there are no miscommunications when it comes to your wishes;
  • Seeing eye-to-eye with your desires – Another issue you may have to contend with is competing views on how to best optimize your site. Even the consultant is supposed to be the “go-to” person on SEO marketing; you may have some of your own views on how to do things. Make sure you are willing and able to work with someone outside of your office so that you are not going back-and-forth on how to do things.


Results Do Not Happen Overnight

So, after seeing the advantages and disadvantages of going with an outside SEO marketing consultant, perhaps you are wondering what you need to know ahead of time before potentially hiring someone.

First, keep in mind that you are not going to get results overnight. Successful SEO methods for your site or any other one for that matter take time. Keep in mind that alternations to your site will likely be necessary, so have the willingness to be open to pretty much anything.

Secondly, be prepared with your consultant help to evaluate your entire site’s history, especially important for those companies that have had a web presence for some time now. What may have worked in the past may not be working now, so follow your consultant’s lead when it comes to recommendations. This is especially true as it relates to keywords and the need to stay on top of and track them.

Lastly, treat your Web site and its SEO efforts as a top priority in your business model.

The days of consumers using printed publications or stopping by your business to browse goods and services still exist, but at a decreased level in many cases.

As people have limited time resources, more and more of them turn to the Internet to research and purchase goods.

With an attractive and meaningful Web site to offer up to current and potential customers, your return on investment (ROI) stands to grow.

Increasing your site’s stretch may very well rest in the hands of an experienced SEO marketing consultant.


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