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The Value of Microblogging

Todd Bailey

July 26, 2012

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As the Internet has evolved, so has the content that supports its infrastructure.  While blogging started as a mere pastime, it has become a successful industry in itself and is continuing to grow in both popularity and profitability.  Thousands of businesses around the world utilize blogs to enhance their brand's online content and engage their customers, but in recent years, a new type of blogging has gained momentum.

A Rising Trend

The trend of microblogging can largely be attributed to the success of networks such as Twitter.  Like many other social platforms, Twitter began as a simple online pastime and has become a significant part of the Web's social structure and an important outlet for Internet marketers and advertisers.  While Twitter is certainly at the forefront of microblogging, other networks are emerging that may soon reach the heights of Twitter.  Perhaps the most viable contender for the number one microblogging site of the future is Tout.  Users of Tout can create very short-form (15 seconds or less) videos as status updates and share them across Facebook and Twitter.  Tout aims to integrate rich content and microblogging into a single platform.  If Tout can accomplish its goal of bringing video microblogs to a more mainstream audience, it would further validate the roles of both social media and rich content in the digital marketplace.

Microblogging in SMO
Social media optimization is now one of the most effective forms of online marketing and has helped many companies achieve greater visibility online.  The success of microblogging networks has paralleled the rise of SMO and campaigns are now utilizing Twitter and other similar sites more than ever before.

Businesses can certainly gain traction online with social media and microblogging and their value in SMO campaigns shouldn't be overlooked.  If the success of Twitter and Tout thus far is any indication of what's to come, microblogging is likely to be a major part of Internet marketing initiatives in the years ahead.


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