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Is Your Small Business Energy Efficient?

Dave Thomas

October 16, 2012

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Life for the small business owner oftentimes entails long days and sleepless nights.

The man or woman in this position must always be thinking about how to increase revenue, trim expenses, and keep current customers happy, while looking to add potential customers each day.

So, something as simple as an office electric bill can come into play when the small business owner is trying to save some funds.

Whether it is turning down the thermostat in the wintertime or increasing it during the warmer months, business owners should always be looking for ways to save money, be it their office space they rent or own, or when working out of their residences.

If you find yourself as a small business owner seeing too much of your energy bill eating into your profits, consider some of the following options to save money:

* Alter the thermostat - For most small business owners, turning the thermostat up a few degrees in the summer or down a few degrees in the winter is not the end of the world. Yes, some employees may complain here and there, but simply remind them that the energy savings means more money for the company;

* Consider changing work week hours - It is not uncommon these days to find more small businesses giving the 10-hour day, 4-day work week (provided you work in a typical 40-hour a week business) a shot. By closing the office one day a week, you can save on heating and cooling costs, lighting and more. Some small businesses also go with reduced hours in the summertime and over the Christmas holiday, presenting another option to save a few dollars;

* Make sure vents are clear - Whether it is the air/heating vents in your office or the kitchen fridge, make sure all vents are clear of dirt and debris. When vents become blocked, they do not allow for full circulation of the air, meaning your office is not being properly cooled or heated. In those instances, you are more apt to increase the heat or air being blown out, leading to higher energy bills;

* Keep those blinds and curtains in place - In the summertime, keeping office window blinds and/or curtains closed during daytime hours helps keep some of the heat out, meaning less on your air conditioning bill. In the wintertime, keep those blinds open as much as possible to let sunlight in and naturally warm your office surrounding.

* Look for unsealed spaces - Whether you do it yourself or hire someone, make sure there are no open spaces where air is coming in or going out. You don’t want areas of your office building where drafts in the wintertime are letting cold air in, meaning you are more inclined to turn the heat up. If you rent or own an older office building, this can especially be the case, so do a review of the office space a couple of times a year to check for areas that need sealing;

* Remember to turn off the lights - Last but not least, remember all those times growing up that your parents told you to turn off the lights when you left the room? The same holds true in today’s small business office. While some companies have lighting installed that turns on and off when employees enter or leave a room, others still have to manually do it. In the event your office has a number of rooms, remind your employees not to leave lights burning in rooms they are not working in for hours on end.

While doing these little tricks take some time and effort, the savings in the end can heat up your revenues and cool off your expenses.


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