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Tricks of the Trade: 5 Great Marketing Ideas For Your Business

Brionna Kennedy

August 02, 2013

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In the day and age of social media and viral marketing, keeping your business ahead of the curve means staying on top of marketing trends. From creating a network on sites like Facebook and Twitter to learning how to use search engine optimization (SEO), online communications are essential to growing your company’s reputation and market share. Here are five strategies for marketing your company that will create new and repeat business.

Sign Up With Google Places

To help local customers find you, claim your name and physical location on Google Places. Add photos, links and contact information so searchers will be able to easily contact you. When you have a complete Google Places listing with all of your relevant company information, the search engines are more likely to place your business at the top of search results.

Add Good Content

The more people who share photos or other media from your website and social media pages, the broader your audience will be. Use funny cartoons, tips in image format and informational videos as much as possible. The better your content online, the more inclined consumers will be to pass along your name to other potential customers.

Use Giveaways

People like to enter contests, especially if the prize is something they would never normally treat themselves to or think about buying. Some of the best promo items are those that can make the customer's life easier. For instance, customized lunch bags from HALO will be used on a daily basis to make it easier to carry a lunch to school and work. This means that your company logo will travel daily with the customer —providing repeated marketing exposure at a relatively low cost. Promotional products offer a very high return on investment when you consider the number of impressions they earn on a regular basis.

Write for SEO

When you use frequently searched key words in your website content and include relevant links, you are more likely to be found in internet searches. Spend time researching legitimate SEO practices such as how to use H2 headers and image tags, so that your search engine rankings will improve. Being active on social media sites will also help your ranking.

Create a Relationship

When you communicate to consumers on your website or social media sites, you want the dynamic to seem natural and friendly. Create a personable reputation on the web, so that customers will see you as a trusted resource. The sooner you are able to respond to people and the more empathetic you are, the more they will be inclined to trust you and value you as a local member of the community.

Never underestimate the importance of inventive web marketing. If you want your business to thrive, a strong online relationship with your customers is key. Provide useful content to prove that you are a thought leader in your industry and make yourself easy to be found – and you're off to a great start.


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