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Recession Marketing Part 1: Beating the Recession
February 11, 2008
by Jonathan Daniel Cox
"In times of economic ease, you should market. In difficult times, you MUST market." If you're looking for ways to sustain and build your business during economic recession, you've find the right place. Join us as we discuss ways to take advantage of the present state of the market through proven marketing techniques.

Customer Service Metrics - Tracking What Your Customers Are Saying
October 02, 2007
by Louis Rosas-Guyon III
Customer Service departments are often treated as a necessary evil. However, with the implementation of a simple tool, your Customer Service staff can become your corporate Early Warning system. This information can then be used to make corrections to your products or services before they become a large scale problem for your company.

How to Win Over Competition
August 04, 2006
by Raamakant S.
Want to know how you can win-over your competitors. Are you looking ways to outrock them. Read this article if you want you to be ranked at the top.

Is It Even Worth A Dollar?
July 17, 2006
by Dylan Loh
I am talking about some products that are being peddled and sold on Clickbank. I am a vendor on Clickbank myself and I know that having a quality product is one of the critical factors for success. It almost eliminates refunds, build customer loyalty and most importantly – get a hell lot of affiliates promoting it.



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