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Would a Business Partner Make Sense?
November 07, 2012
by Dave Thomas
For those individuals who run small businesses or have the desire to do such, the thought of having a partner may cross their minds from time to time.

So How Does a Small Business's Fan Page Get Noticed Anyway?
October 23, 2012
by Todd Bailey
If you're one of the billion users of Facebook, you may have noticed that you tend to see posts from some people or pages more often than others. For example, I Liked the Mark Twain fan page because I'm a huge Huck Finn fan and see posts about upcoming events or new images on my Newsfeed all of the time. However, in my Likes, you'll also see a pizza place upstate that makes a great tomato pie; I go there every time I'm travelling that way. For some reason, they never make my Newsfeed even though I discovered that they post just as often as the Mark Twain fan page.

Is Your Small Business Energy Efficient?
October 16, 2012
by Dave Thomas
Life for the small business owner oftentimes entails long days and sleepless nights. The man or woman in this position must always be thinking about how to increase revenue, trim expenses, and keep current customers happy, while looking to add potential customers each day.

Drive Forward with the Right Car Insurance for Your Business
October 12, 2012
by Dave Thomas
The man or woman running a small business needs different types of insurance coverage in order to protect their investment and hard work.

The 2012 Election Provides Key Advertising Opportunities to All
October 11, 2012
by Todd Bailey
Anyone who's been in the SEO business long enough knows the importance of capitalizing on posting and pushing content during key times. Of course there's the obvious advertising strategy of marketing certain products and services during seasonally appropriate times of the year (e.g. swimming wear and pool cleaning during the summer), but every now and then there's a seminal event that holds as much public interest as it does ad potential. For 2012, no singular occurrence will reach the level of attention being grabbed by this year's presidential election.

Can Your Small Business Handle a Divorce?
October 05, 2012
by Dave Thomas
For couples that find their relationship going south, those problems can be made even more difficult when the two are connected to a small business.

No Place Left to Turn for Black Hat SEO Tactics
October 04, 2012
by Todd Bailey
Ever since just after February, every voice in the SEO community has been shouting out the same message loud and clear: If you're not doing online marketing legitimately, then you're in for a rude awakening.

Myspace Launches Its Redesign but Will Anyone Care?
September 26, 2012
by Todd Bailey
One can't help but think with fondness and nostalgia for Myspace's heyday around 2005. It was the first social network to really take off and become a tremendous part of its users' lives. If nothing else, it provided us with the art of taking a picture of yourself in a bathroom mirror. But 2005, especially in the tech and social industries, is a long time ago. Myspace has long been overtaken by Facebook as the social network of choice.

The NFL Embraces New Technology: iPads, Twitter, and more
September 10, 2012
by Todd Bailey
As a member of the online marketing industry, new technology is part of my everyday life. I use my iPhone, my iPad, and my arsenal of other gadgets on a daily basis. But, my tech junky ways aside, it's also part of my job. The online marketing industry wouldn’t be what it is without it. Other industries that don't depend on technology, though, aren't always as quickly to embrace change.

The Benefits of Doing a Content Audit of Your Site
August 28, 2012
by Todd Bailey
When devising an online marketing strategy, it's easy to get wrapped up in all the different ways to get your name out there. Is my Facebook page up and running? Have I gotten a sufficient number of followers on Twitter?

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