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The Value of Microblogging
July 26, 2012
by Todd Bailey
As the Internet has evolved, so has the content that supports its infrastructure. While blogging started as a mere pastime, it has become a successful industry in itself and is continuing to grow in both popularity and profitability. Thousands of businesses around the world utilize blogs to enhance their brand's online content and engage their customers, but in recent years, a new type of blogging has gained momentum.

5 SEO Tips for Small - Midsize Businesses
July 17, 2012
by Todd Bailey
A recent article on the "Technology for Small & Midsize Business" page of InformationWeek.com explores whether SEO is the holy grail of marketing or fool's gold. The piece focuses on small business owners who all have one thing in common: they all ditched their search engine optimization efforts.

Paving the road to a successful affiliate marketing program: An interview with Sergio Fabi from BestMediaPartners.com
July 11, 2012
by Elena Velikova
As more and more businesses are successfully profiting from affiliate programs, and this field became so competitive, it is always hard to find a good program to start with. In this interview, Sergio Fabi, Marketing Director at BestMediaPartners.com, talks about the success of their B.M.P. Affiliate program which offers some of the highest payouts on the net and what it takes to develop it. He also shares insights on how to pave the road to affiliate marketing success. Enjoy!

Should My Small Business Hire an SEO Marketing Consultant?
June 20, 2012
by Dave Thomas
Business owners have a full plate on their hands as it is, but the decision to stay in-house or go outside with one’s SEO efforts is an important call.

Look Within For Answers
June 01, 2012
by Anthony Pensabene
Today, there's word that another company is stalling its IPO because Facebook's was less-than optimal. This could be a good business decision; however, brands and target markets vary; it could be a mistake as well. Should brands look laterally or within to come to business conclusions?

Top 10 Computer Problems and How to Fix Them
May 31, 2012
by Sara Carter
Most people using computers today have no technical knowledge of how it functions. Just understanding how to work different software is enough in this modern world. It is not a must that you understand the operation of your system, but because of this, you will have to pay your fair share to computer technicians when problems arise.

Print Production with the Right Printer for Your Small Business
May 30, 2012
by Dave Thomas
Even the smallest of businesses will have printing needs, so choosing the right printer for one’s small business should not be taken for granted.

GM and FaceBook: A Lesson in Marketing
May 21, 2012
by Todd Bailey
Recently, Facebook has been making news. No, it's not regarding the IPO (directly). It's not about Zuckerberg's choice in garb. It has to do with the General Motors and Facebook breakup. It's a real-to-life and educative lesson for business owners: online marketing is not black and white; make your campaign unique to your brand and respective consumers.

Place a Call to the Right Call Center Software for Your Small Business
May 16, 2012
by Dave Thomas
One of the most important things your small business will need to do is dial-in to the right call center software, allowing your small business to have the necessary lines of communications to deal with customers.

Premeditation is the Key to Digital Marketing
May 09, 2012
by Todd Bailey
Google is a great marketing tool for many businesses. The way people 'search' for desired goods and services has changed significantly from an external one to an online one. However, as many businesses are experiencing, marketing online comes at a cost. No, I don't mean third-party marketing service cost; I mean over-optimizing and incurring penalties – those kinds of costs. There is good news. Many penalties can be avoided through premeditation. Consider the following suggestions.

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