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Which Phone System Should I Dial-Up for My Small Business?
May 04, 2012
by Dave Thomas
As a small business owner that is either in the process of starting out or considering upgrades to your current business phone systems, how do you know when you have made the right call?

How Do You ID ITs?
April 25, 2012
by Todd Bailey
The Internet business is booming. More traditional brands are coming aboard as well as a wealth of IT startups. Regardless of size, one thing all parties have in common are IT needs. How do you go about servicing the need? Do you keep things in-house, incurring costs of hardware, maintenance, and IT workers? Do you throw some caution to the wind an

Is Your Web Content Strategy a Winning or Losing Proposition?
April 18, 2012
by Dave Thomas
In order to successfully deploy the right web content strategy, everything centers on having a solid plan in place, a plan that best serves your company’s resources. Oftentimes it is the simple things on your Web site that prove most important, so remember to never overlook those things.

US Government Intercedes with E-books
April 17, 2012
by Todd Bailey
The US Justice Department interceded in the business affairs of Apple and Amazon lately, ruling on the side of lower-priced e-books. The Department posed an antitrust suit on Apple and five other large book publishers. The government felt the group of publishers was strategically attempting to raise the prices on e-books, prices which Amazon has lowered to $9.99 for new and popular books.

Is the Labor Market Working Toward a Comeback?
April 11, 2012
by Todd Bailey
There have been visible signs of an economic recovery, at least in the Twitter streams. Last week, I spotted several companies sending messages of incipient 'talent' searches, new-hire opportunities. Is the online marketing community representative of the larger labor market?

What the New iPad Could Mean for Mobile E-Commerce
March 08, 2012
by Todd Bailey
The long-awaited iPad HD (formerly referred to as the iPad 3) is slated to debut tomorrow and the hype surrounding Apple's newest product is currently one of the hottest discussions on the Internet. Although numerous websites have posted blogs and articles covering the confirmed and rumored features of the new iPad, few have mentioned one of the most important aspects of Apple's new tablet: Its potential effect on E-Commerce.

A Beginner's Guide to Social Media
February 27, 2012
by Todd Bailey
As most developers already know, social media is becoming a much bigger part of the search engine optimization picture. Traditionally, most SEO campaigns have been reliant on a combination of keywords, content and HTML code.

The Role of On-Page Content in SEO Strategies
February 06, 2012
by Todd Bailey
Many SEO developers have made a habit of focusing on keywords over the years and while relevant, useful keywords are an integral part of a search engine optimization campaign, some of those developers have not seen a great increase in traffic. Users care about more than just keywords; they care about content.

The (Quickly) Changing Role of Twitter in SEO
January 30, 2012
by Todd Bailey
As Google goes forward with the changes to their search functioning making results more personalized by incorporating Google+ and other features, ripples continue to be sent out through the internet and search communities. Twitter has now released a strong statement opposing the changes because as they see it, twitter content will not appear on Google SERPs with as high a ranking as before.

Does Domain Age Matter When Ranking in Google?
August 25, 2011
by Roger Janik
Here is a question that continues to come up ever since search engine optimization started to become popular all those years ago. For many, the idea that domain age can give a site an edge, especially if its older than others seems quite rational and for a time search engines did show indirectly that many older sites did indeed rank higher (of course other factors could have been in play).

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