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Close More Sales
June 29, 2009
by Joanne Black
Build lifetime customer relationships with clients who want to buy from you over and over again even in a lagging economy...

7 Tips To Promote Your Web Design Business
March 26, 2009
by Kabir Bedi
As businesses wake up to realize the potential of having an online presence, they are turning to professional website design and development companies to establish a sound web presence.

A Tale about Retail
June 04, 2008
by Howard White
The retail business has come a long way since its inception; it has crossed oceans and scaled mountains to reach where it is now today-at the foot of another mountain (again?) Yes, from souks to trading posts to village stores to super markets and now cyber markets Retailers have traveled many moons.

How to Publish a Killer Newsletter That People Actually Want to Buy
November 06, 2007
by Robert Skrob
Isn't it Time You Get Started with Your Newsletter? Here's how to become a top earner in information marketing & newsletter publishing…

Riches in Niches: Why I Became A Nichepreneur
October 08, 2007
by Susan Friedmann
Being an Expert is the most lucrative, prominent place in any niche market… Here are some integral steps service professionals can take to position themselves as the Expert.

The Client Role in Building Business Relationships [Interview]
September 27, 2007
by Blake Hendrix
Blake Hendrix and John Todor discuss b2b relationships for small business

10 Ways to Get Your Marketing Unstuck
July 02, 2007
by C.J.Hayden
Marketing yourself can be a confronting process, bringing up fear of rejection, commentary from your inner critic, feelings of incompetence, and other discomforts. If you let them, these inner saboteurs can stop you dead in your tracks. Here are ten ways to quickly break through internal barriers and get your marketing unstuck

A Circle of Friends
June 19, 2007
by Susan Friedmann
Nichepreneurs generally operate their businesses on their own, but it’s critical to remember that forming strategic relationships with people is key to succeed as a Nichepreneur.

Building Customer Loyalty
November 22, 2006
by John Mehrmann
The following tips can apply to virtually any profession or industry. If you think that these are self-evident, then I challenge you to take a personal assessment. Print this page and keep the list on your desk for one week.

CRM 101 – The Basics of Customer Relationship Management
October 24, 2006
by Kausik Dutta
CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, can be defined as a software program, business strategy, or internet system that helps a business manage and organize its customer database.

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