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A Tale about Retail

Change the way you see chatting

Howard White

June 04, 2008

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A Tale About Retail

The retail business has come a long way since its inception; it has crossed oceans and scaled mountains to reach where it is now today-at the foot of another mountain (again?) Yes, from souks to trading posts to village stores to super markets and now cyber markets Retailers have traveled many moons.

The Cyber Age / E-tailing

With the advancement of technology and machines, people are getting busier today than ever (one of those un-explained phenomena) and would rather surf the Electronic market than stride through a Mall downtown.
More people are opting to buy online than ever before. Does this translate to an e-tailing bonanza for those who jump onto it first? No. Simply because many an e-tailer is out to woo the customer. So the competition is as high as it ever was for the retailers. Which puts our e-tailers at the foot of another mountain to climb.
E-tailers everywhere are looking for ways to modernize and give their businesses an extra edge, to fight out the competition, to retain visitors to their cyber store and to make customers come back for more.

Cyber Revival of Conventional Selling

After an age of 'minimal human interaction' in cyber space, businesses are realizing the strength and power of human interaction in a world dominated by icons and pop-ups. Like so many other businesses E-tailers that are ahead of their time are just beginning to reap the fruits of real-live-human-interaction with their customers. Just as country stores once thrived on the quality of the personal customer service they provided (and in turn enjoyed customer loyalty) these forward looking e-tailing businesses are trying to revive the old custom of a welcoming and smiling shop attendant.

The Human Touch

E-businesses are looking high and low for means to personally interact with their customers. Most have opted for call centers which prove to be quite expensive and has very limited uses, usually in after sales. These call centers tend to out-source their work to other countries to cut costs, the end result is obtaining personnel, though well qualified, but with an accent or that require substantial amount of coaching to achieve optimal customer satisfaction.

Two-fold Benefits

The e-tailers are benefited twofold by the `web greeter' helping each of their visitors or customers and by using the
information obtained by the `Web Greeter' to help the e-tailers themselves understand customer demands and behavior.

Teaming up with the E-tailers

Live Chat helps website owners to

1. Evaluate customer behavior
2. Up-sell products or services
3. Cross-sell
4. Get inside information on customer mobility on site
(i.e. how much time customers spend on particular pages)
5. Improve the functionality of their site
6. Most of all keep their customers happy and satisfied

The New Cyber-World Order

The cyber world is changes as fast as the real world, if not faster. The new cyber world is not the lonely place it once used to be. This new world is powered with live human interactions and WebGreeter is at the helm of this fantastic change in web based sales / customer support.




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