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How to Publish a Killer Newsletter That People Actually Want to Buy


Robert Skrob

November 06, 2007

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Some info-marketers must search high and low for a lucrative market, but not Ben Glass or Joe Polish. They already knew where their respective areas of expertise were. All they had to do was create a product to cater to the particular demands of their specific niches. In other words, they had to create value.

These astute newsletter publishers are now raking in the big bucks by riding on a fast-moving, on-the-right-track bandwagon called information marketing.

Here's how they've become a top earner in information marketing and newsletter publishing…

How to Seize Your Market for Your Newsletter

Ben is a personal injury attorney so it was only logical that other lawyers would constitute the customers base for his newsletter. But first, he had to find out what kind of information his prospective clients would be willing to pay for.

Joe, on the other hand, is a carpet cleaner. You probably never thought that anyone can make millions out of slime, grime and dust mites that lurk deep in our carpets. But Joe did.

He too investigated the needs of his industry. He researched how to turn his knowledge and experience into a hot commodity – a newsletter other carpet cleaners would want to buy.

Once Ben and Joe knew which gaps within their respective industries had to be filled, they were ready to launch their newsletters.

How to Create a "Killer" Newsletter

Ben discovered that promotional information for attorneys was sorely lacking. Eager to teach his peers how to expand their practices, he created an electronic newsletter that was a chockfull of marketing strategies. He provided "right-on" tips that even a roomful of lawyers couldn't object to.

The idea hatched when Ben realized that solo and small law firms do not have the big bucks to spend on publicity. But in order to survive they have to promote their practices and services all the same.

In addition to dispensing marketing advice via his newsletter, Ben wrote a series of information-packed articles, which were printed in industry publications and directed the readers to his website, There he posted a sales letter offering to teach lawyers how to successfully market themselves. He developed even before completing his product.

Joe was dirt poor until a newsletter he once came across changed his life. The newsletter in question was compelling and engaging, as any marketing tool should be.

It wasn't cheap, but it taught Joe a valuable lesson, which still serves him well today – that smart people measure the benefit of information by the value they receive.

What about the value Joe receives?

Guess what – within six months of starting his information marketing business teaching other carpet cleaners how to increase their revenues, Joe's own income rose from $2,000 a month to a staggering $12,000 a month. That figure soon reached the $1 million mark.

Joe branched out beyond carpet cleaning into other markets, including interviews with info-marketing experts, authors, athletes, and celebrities. He transformed his website, into an eclectic blend of valuable information.

Isn't it Time You Get Started with Your Newsletter?

You too can follow Ben and Joe's examples to launch a moneymaking newsletter based on your own knowledge and experience. Or use your existing newsletter to sell other profitable products and services such as books, manuals, magazines, seminars, workshops, coaching and consulting programs.

These services can be sold for 10 to 20 times what it costs to produce them. Information marketing is about the only business that allows you to do just that. And., no other business offers an equally lucrative opportunity to become a millionaire by merely working from your kitchen table.


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