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Top 5 Reasons to Start Blogging for Your Business Now... and Why You Shouldn't Wait

Blogging For Business

Patsi Krakoff, Denise Wakeman

September 21, 2007

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Unless you’ve just come online and are new to the way business is done on the Internet, you know how important blogs are… or do you? Here are five reasons you should start a blog for your business now – or maybe a reminder of why it's important for you to take your business blog seriously.
1. A business blog is a sure-fire way to get found by people searching for your product or service. Search engines index blogs more frequently than static websites.
2. A blog shows your personality, your expertise, and your character; people will hire or buy from you when they feel they trust and like you.
3. A blog showcases your business in a way a website cannot, and is a fast way to get noticed by other people in your field, leading to joint ventures and affiliations.
4. A blog expands your global reach, pulling in qualified prospects you would never have reached before.
5. A blog allows you to interact with readers, get feedback, introduce them to your ideas, and builds relationships, creating customer evangelists who will spread the word about you.
In spite of these great marketing advantages that can result when publishing a blog, many business owners and entrepreneurs hesitate and procrastinate.
Why? Here are some common reasons:
- I won’t know what to write about
- I don’t want to share my personal life
- I don’t have time to learn another web application
- My children use blogs; my colleagues don’t
- Why would anyone want to read about my business?
- I’m not sure it will bring a sufficient return on investment
Many are mislead into thinking a blog is primarily a personal online diary, or for political rants, or for young adults and kids.
What we're advocating is a Business Blog: one used for creating relationships with prospects, showcasing your expertise, and making it easy for customers and clients to find you and your business.
When used by savvy professionals a business blog increases the likelihood of getting found on the Internet, and helps create credibility and trust like no other online tool.
Blogs are easy to learn, do not require tech skills, and cost only a few dollars a month. Most professionals can learn to set one up in a couple of hours. Writing and finding material to write about requires 20-40 minutes a day. Or, you can hire a professional to set a blog up for you and train you how to use it effectively for your business.  Then you spend your time and energy writing short posts, or articles.
World-wide, there are over a billion people using the Internet and that number is growing rapidly. In the US, blog readers are more educated and spend more money online than do non-blog readers.
Does it makes sense to have a blog for your business? We may be biased, but based on our experience, blogs are a terrific tool to help you attract, engage, and inform an audience that wants what you've got.  It's time to get started now.


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Title: home based business February 28, 2009
Comment by Mike

First, find a company with a solid product. Make sure it’s a product that people actually need and not just another product thrown on to make a compensation plan legal.



Home Based Business

Title: February 27, 2009
Comment by Amulekone

Thanks for your post. It is very informative.

Title: Home Based Business February 26, 2009
Comment by Marsh

Nice points to start with. I would add, at point three, that it is important to think of something you enjoy to do and write about it. That special thing could be a hobby, an experience or a profession. However, as I have just started a homestead website, I am thinking in two directions concerning the domain name. I have 100 + best thoughtof domain names in my map. I can build some of them web businesses. However, I found myself stuck at the point of choosing one of them to work it a small niche-marketing website. Thanks for your points.



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