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4 Essential Keys to Successful Ezine Publishing: Formatting and Distribution

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Patsi Krakoff, Denise Wakeman

October 03, 2007

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Let's break ezines down to four simple components to help you get a clear picture of what is involved. Every thing you have to do to create an ezine falls within four of these important steps.

1. Content: Give away valuable information
2. Formatting: Make your ezine looks nice and is easy to read
3. Distribution: Send it out electronically, easily and efficiently
4. List Building: Constantly work on growing your subscriber list

In the first article, we discussed the importance of content, and how content should be 80% informational, and 20% call to action for promoting your business with products or services.


You want your ezine to reflect the professionalism and image you have already created for your business. Formatting an ezine can be as simple as putting it into plain text or more sophisticated with HTML, custom-designed templates. You can do it yourself, or hire someone to create the template for you.

Either way, you need to decide which is best for you and your readers, then figure out a way that is effective for you to use, considering time and costs.


Sending out your ezine should be fast and easy'; it should have reliable delivery rates and most importantly, it must be spam-law compliant. If you are using a professional email distribution service, you won't have to worry so much about the details.

There are many on the market, and several of them are cost-efficient and reputable. But there is only one that stands out ahead of the crowd. We recommend using it right from the start, when you begin your ezine. It will save you time, money, energy later on when your list becomes really big.

We call this service the "best darn system on the planet!" The service is Kick Start Cart. It has many features, and is best known as a shopping cart or e-commerce marketing system. When you use it for sending out your newsletters, it works like a charm.

Don't wait until your list gets big. Start right at the very beginning. You will save yourself the hassles of switching over your list of subscribers later on.

Once you have decided on a template for formatting your ezine, and have set up the email distribution system to deliver it, you must turn your attention to list building.

Your email service provider will generate code you can put on your website for capturing the names and email addresses of people who sign up to subscribe to your ezine.


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