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4 Essential Keys to Successful Ezine Publishing: Persistence

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Patsi Krakoff, Denise Wakeman

October 12, 2007

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Let's break ezines down to four simple components to help you get a clear picture of what is involved. Every thing you have to do to create an ezine falls within four of these important steps.

1. Content: Give away valuable information
2. Formatting: Make your ezine looks nice and is easy to read
3. Distribution: Send it out electronically, easily and efficiently
4. List Building: Constantly work on growing your subscriber list

In the previous three articles we covered content, formatting, distribution, and building your subscriber list. Now let's tackle that last important task for a successful e-newsletter: staying the course.


This part of ezine publishing is very important. Maybe there are more than just four components of publishing a successful ezine. This could be the fifth element necessary if you want to really get results from your ezine.

There's just one more thing… Persistence

This fifth and last essential element has to do more with your heart than your head:

- You have to believe that what you have to say is important to your readers
- You have to truly know your message can improve their work or personal lives
- You have to believe in abundance, that if you give away valuable information, it will come back to you in many ways
- You have to want to help people, and know when you do, your business will thrive
- You have to be willing to do the grunt work (some tasks won't be fun, some will be)
- You have to be willing to persist, even when it may seem that the results aren't coming in (this is not a one-time event; results happen over time)

I could tell you to just do an ezine and sit back and watch the email replies come back; listen for the "ka-ching!" going off in your shopping cart. I could tell you this is so easy that all you have to do is buy my ebook and ezine publishing system, and ba-da-bing, presto, you will be a client magnet.

But I have to be honest and tell you publishing an ezine requires some work. Are you willing to do this work?

The truth is publishing an ezine takes work, and persistence. There is magic, but only if you do it right. With a little bit of learning and practice you can get it right the first time.

You don't have to make all the silly mistakes I did over the years. You can get your ezine up and running in no time, and build a list of well-qualified readers who want to buy what you have to offer. If you do it right, this can happen for you sooner rather than later.


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