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4 Keys to Advanced Blogging Success


Patsi Krakoff, Denise Wakeman

October 30, 2007

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We know that keeping a business blog going requires time and energy. We also hear from some of our clients who complain that they don't get enough traffic or comments, and they wonder if blogging is worth it.

A blog will get you found more easily on the Web. Period. When you write about your topic using the same key phrases that clients are using to find solutions to problems, chances are your blog will come up in searches.

But simply writing on a blog isn't enough to drive business. You have to pay attention to four key areas to have a successful blog.

We have developed a system for advanced business blogging. You can use the CODA system to keep your blog on track:

1. C is for Content: post regularly, frequently, and stay relevant to what your readers want and expect.

2. O is for Outreach: find other blogs in your field and develop relationships with the authors through commenting on their blogs and linking to them in your posts. This is key to building up your readership.

3. D is for Design: pay attention to your blog's design, branding, usability, ease of reading and navigation. Include stand alone pages for your key editorial content.

4. A is for Action: use your blog for business by getting your readers involved and engaged. Build trust. Write persuasively. Link to your products and services. Get results.

The CODA system is an easy check list for paying attention to what really matters on your business blog. If you aren't getting the kind of results you want from your blog, study each of these areas to find where you can improve and then make the necessary adjustments.


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