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A Beginner’s Guide to Generating Online Ad Revenue
September 01, 2008
by NewSunSEO
As a new online business, you already know that one way to generate some much needed revenue is through online ads. But when you hear about all the different ways marketers promote their products and services - banners, social networks, contextual advertising, online videos, blogs, email, and the list goes on. There are innumerable ad sizes, formats, technologies, and marketing channels. But start with some basics and you’ll quickly learn how to be a savvy online advertising channel.

The Brochure Printing Paper Difference
July 29, 2008
by Hallel John Ines
Brochure printing paper is important but the finish is just as important as the paper that you use. The right type of gloss will make your colors even more vibrant and more colorful than before. The sheen will help you in absorbing more light for your prints giving them wonderful and full colors.

Brochure Design in 7 Easy Steps
July 10, 2008
by Carla Lalet San Gaspar
Advancements in printing technology have made brochure design very accessible to a lot of people. Today, creating and printing your own brochures is very easy.

Why You Should Consider Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Your Business
June 16, 2008
by Alicia Forest
Would you like to bring targeted traffic to your website in as little as 15 minutes? Then you should learn about pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, especially if you are starting to optimize your website for the search engines.

How to Get Free Advertising
June 09, 2008
by Charen Smith
Free advertising works. And it's not just for companies that have a limited budget. Any size company can benefit from free advertising. Here are 11 ideas on how to advertise for free.

Do Not Underestimate the Power of Business Cards
June 03, 2008
by Karen grahams
Business card printing can be the best marketing tool for large and small companies alike. However, are you using your cards enough to make a difference in profit? Do you know where your target audience is located? Can you obtain new consumers with just one business card?

5 Advertising Mistakes To Avoid
June 02, 2008
by Charen Smith
1. Thinking that everyone is your customer base. No matter what your product is and no matter what kind of store you run your target audience is still never going to be everyone. Even a giant like Wal-Mart is not actually going after everyone there is in the marketplace.

How to Track Affiliate Marketing Campaigns and Increase Your Affiliate Profits Exponentially
May 16, 2008
by Regimantas Andre
Many people run their advertising campaigns online and spends a lot of money on advertising. However, they don't know which advertising campaigns, websites or even pay per click keywords bring real visitors that actually buy an advertised product. But with the proper tracking you can easily find out all this information. Read the article to find out.

Zoom In to the Local Industry
May 13, 2008
by Kaye Marks
Online advertising is one of the easiest ways to market your product or service today. Nevertheless, what would make it even better is if you do some local online advertising. People are starting to ignore online banner ads, so you need to make sure your copy is snappy and to the point.

Local Business Search Insight - Getting Found Online
April 23, 2008
by Chris travers
Internet phone systems and cellphones can make your businesses invisible to online directories and search engines, but there is an industry solution.

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