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The Customer Has Landed... Now Keep Them There

5 Tips for Building Better Landing Pages

Tony Baker

August 31, 2007

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Your landing page is the first thing potential customers see when they get to your site, so if you want visitors to stick around, you have to capture their attention and give a good impression. If your landing page is difficult to read, doesn’t engage the reader and entice them towards product or company, and provides no way for customers to take more action, then they'll be gone and off to your competitor's site.

If you want your landing page to start showing more conversions, here are some tips for drawing the customer in now that you've got them on the hook. 

They've got problems, you've got the solution

Chances are you started your business to solve a problem that your potential customers have. You know why your product or service is the best thing on the market. With a landing page, your job is to make prospective clients understand.

Paint a picture 

Don't just say, "This will help you fix XYZ." Make them painfully aware of the problem by using anecdotes, stories and other engaging techniques. Don't just give a features list; actually demonstrate how your product or service will positively affect their life, their business, their finances, or their time. By the end, your potential clients should be wondering how on Earth they've been surviving without you.


What better way to convince people that you're the way to go than quotes and testimonials from satisfied customers? Your current customers had the same problems as your potential customers. The difference is you – your solution. So what better way to showcase that than through feedback from past clients? 

If you've gotten positive comments via email or snail mail, ask if you can use those quotes on your landing page. Seek out your customers and get testimonials to add. If you can use audio testimonials on your site, do it. Make sure your potential clients know that you've got a bevy of satisfied clients on your side.

"Free" is a beautiful word

Every landing page should have a call to action. Your job is to make it easy and enticing for readers to take action. Invite them to take immediate action and get something in return. They could sign up for a free e-book, get a free quote, or start a free trial, whatever will work best for you. Make use of the word "Free" and make it something potential clients are actually interested in. 

Don't forget the little things

There should be multiple ways to reach you on your landing page. If people are interested in what you're selling, they shouldn't have to hunt all over your site to get in touch with you. Put contact information at the top and the bottom of your landing page, so that they only need to glace to see how to reach you. 

Also, make it easy for them to take the next step. If you ask them to sign up for your newsletter, only ask for their name and email address. Tests show that if you limit the amount of information readers are required to give, your completion rates will increase significantly. The less they have to do, the better.

Don't let your landing page languish, and then wonder why nobody's signing up for a free quote. By spending a little time making sure your landing page is top-notch, you can increase your chances of making a sale and getting a new customer for life.


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