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5 Things Which you Really Need to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing

For the last past days, months, years affiliate marketing has become very popular.

Yevgeniy Dorofyeyev

May 04, 2009

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For the last past days, months, years affiliate marketing has become very popular. Nowadays there are many of online business plans one can implement. But, affiliate marketing really stands out among all of them  because it does not require lots of investment.

A well experienced affiliate marketer can make thousands of dollars a month. Due to this condition here, online, appeared other programs that can boost his or her commission each and every month.  So, what does in fact affiliate marketer must know and must have to succeed and to grow his or her business from day to day?

To have answers to all this question in affiliate marketing is like to have a “golden case”. 

Here are five steps which will assist you in your affiliate program. This steps will show you how to succeed from day to day with less and less effort and investment. 

1. Compensation from each sale.   

You should now how much you will get from each sale. This is very important. No one  would like to spent more time and get less for it. There is always a chance that you can waste more of your time on promoting then on selling products. Hence, you should stick to the market with high commission paying rate and with a many products in it. 

2. Website traffic. 

Always try to find out previous traffic of website. If it is between first 100.000 top websites, that means that that product is having a good traffic rate, and it can also means that it is already having many affiliates . If this website placed under 500.000 top websites, it can have less traffic, hence less affiliates promoting it.

What you really need to do to find out weather this or that product is good for promoting is to test.

The best way is to buy it yourself and to test it. After you will make sure that the product is worth promoting ask for money back and start selling it. There is also another tactic, try to do online research on certain product, read people reviews, find out what other people think about the product. But remember people are different, so even if the product is really good, there is always a possibility that you can find bad review about it. 

Combining of both tactics mentioned above will bring you to “win-win” product. 

3. How often you will receive your payment.

Different websites have different interval between each payment. You can get your cheque every week, two weeks or month. Also, good thing is to find out what amount of commission you need to rich to get you payment. Some of the websites have a fixed amount you need to rich to get your payment. In the other hand, others paying you after each sale of this or that product.

 Try to stick to those which you think will compensate you effort and investment on time. 

4. Now personally the owner  who is running a web site.

 Personalization is one of the best thing in any kind of marketing. It would be great to contact the owner of the website before promoting his or her product. Hence, you can build long lasting relationships of trust and respect. And in future, if your business partner will create a new product in the same niche  market, you can be the first who will now about it, which means more sales for you. 

 5. Does the website provide affiliates with free content for promotion?

This is a great question to ask any product owner you are going to promote. Especially, if you are just starting your affiliate business this question is going to save your time.

Try to use any help in your business, even if wouldn’t like the content, you can always redo it yourself, add something, make it more unique and interesting for your subscribers to read.

Many affiliates missing this technique, so you will outstand out of many just by using the technique mentioned above.

At the end of the day, remember, those small but very effective tactics are going to save hours of your time.


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Title: Acknowledgement.. May 9, 2009
Comment by best affiliate marketing reviews

Nice article..Thanks for publishing it..It's so useful especially to those who still newbie



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