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How to Enhance Your Trade Fair Participation

Make your participation original and fruitful

Dan Radak

November 25, 2014

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All business branches have annual trade fairs. Apart from these huge events, there are also smaller but equally important happenings. If you are a business owner or a CEO of a larger company, you will have to choose which of them you want to attend only as a regular visitor and which ones you want to take part in. It is a smart thing to make a trade fair and business conference participation plan at the beginning of a calendar or fiscal year. That will enable you to plan everything in advance and to create a feasible financial construction for the next period. Once you have decided where to apply and register, you can start with preparations to make your participation original and fruitful. We are going to try to help you with some handy guidelines.


Trade show


Invest in people


Trade fairs are devised to alleviate communication between businesses and make it possible for them to meet new fellow businesspeople and see how well they are doing. However, today it is not that important for communication, since business get connected in dozens of ways. The advent of the Internet has lead to unparalleled changes in the communication world and trade fairs are not necessary for that particular purpose. But they are inevitable for presenting your new products and services. That is why today it is more important to invest in people than in cloths that would hang at your trade fair booth. By investing in people, you raise the whole business on a completely new level and make your clients aware that you care about people. A mixture of investment in people and technology is a key to success of every business. Before the fair, you should invest in programmers, to devise an original program or app that would be your excusive right. By installing display stands at a trade fair booth, you will make it easier for passers-by to get the latest updates about your business. On the spot, you will also have to have creative, educated and meticulously dressed staff members to communicate with the visitors. If a visitor gets interested in the content of the application he or she is able to use on the display, there should always be a staff member in the vicinity to give him or her detailed information. Today, there is no good trade fair participation without well-designed IT solutions and perfectly trained staff members.




Make a lively booth


In addition to the technological advancements and the human factor, your booth needs to look alive, as well. A booth in which everything is still and dull will not attract anyone. You have to organize certain happenings, such as contests in which visitors can win a prize. Also, if your budget allows you, think about inviting a well-known face to represent your products. It does not have to be a top-celebrity, but rather someone from the local community who has a good reputation, like a local musician or a sportsperson. If visitors see that your booth offers an encouraging and creative ambience, they will recommend other people visiting it, as well. Only a well-devised, updated and dynamic trade fair booth will make people stop a while and see if there is something useful for you. Of course, do not underestimate the power of giveaways. If you have already invested in new apps for your business and well-known people to promote the business at the booth, you can go with simple freebies, such as pens, lighters and notebooks. You do not want to shut down your business after the fair, so stay rational with money.



Enhancing trade fair participation can be done in many ways. Whichever way you choose, always bear in mind that it will affect the way you will steer your business ship in its aftermath. Make it simple, effective, but still powerful. That way your business will keep rising and achieving new goals.


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