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Advertising Techniques for Your Home-Based Business Website
August 08, 2006
by Aaron Wilmont
Discover some great ways to advertise your home business website without spending too much.

How to Introduce Your Business in 60 Seconds or Less
August 07, 2006
by Biba Pedron
One of the keys to networking is to be able to introduce yourself and your business in 30 to 60 seconds or less, in one or two sentences, in a very concise way. In other words, you need to have a very efficient elevator pitch.

Web Site Promotion Ideas for Small Businesses
July 28, 2006
by Vita V.
You’ve already figured out that your small business needs a web site to compete with the big boys and maintain every aspect of your relationship with your customers. But once you have your web site up and running, you’ll need web site promotion ideas so that people know about your web site.

Niche or Die
July 11, 2006
by Mindy Gibbins-Klein
Niching is becoming increasingly important in today's crowded marketplace. However some people still believe that a wider proposition will ensure they don't miss any opportunities. In this powerful article, the author shows why narrow is better than wide and gives real financial implications of choosing and articulating one's niche.

Sell Your Successes: 3 Techniques That Can Lower Your Marketing Costs & Energize Your Business
July 03, 2006
by Dean Mercado
Looking for simple marketing and sales techniques to differentiate your business from the competition? Well here are 3 key ones that will help you humanize and personalize your marketing and sales approach to draw prospects in like a magnet!

Working at Home: 7 Follow Up Etiquette Tips
June 26, 2006
by Donnie Baird
When dealing with people that you don't know and that don't know you, you really need to take care in how you respond and interact with them.

Attention getting tactics for advertising your Home business
June 19, 2006
by Markus Koeck
When you start a home based business, it is essential to gain an edge over other competitors offering same products or services in the market.

Why Branding Is Vital For Your Home Business Success
June 14, 2006
by Mal Keenan
Is your online business presence minimal? Learn why branding your name and other aspects of your business is essential to running a successful internet home business.

Web Site? Web Hosting? What For?
May 19, 2006
by Ricardo D Argence
Lately, I’ve developed an annoying twitch that makes my right eye blink uncontrollably, stiffening my hands and causing me to sweat profusely. It generally happens whenever I hear a business owner say “Web site? What for? I really don’t need that sort of thing”.

Small Business Website Design Strategies
May 05, 2006
by Chrono stock
For a small business a website can have a massive impact on whether that small business thrives or dies out. There are several very important differences between a website built for a large business and a website built for a small business. It’s important that a small business and the website design company who builds the website for that small business are aware of those differences so that the website has the greatest positive impact.

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