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7 Simple Ways To Get New Clients Writing Articles

Biba Pedron

March 28, 2007

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About two months ago, a publisher from Canada contacted me to let me know that he had found online one of my articles, “12 common mistakes new entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them”, loved it, and asked if he could reprint it in his next edition. Guess what my answer was? “Of course, you are welcome!” I said, with a big smile.

The article was printed at the beginning of this month and as a result, I already have 3 new clients. Isn’t it great? And that is not the first time that I have experienced this kind of result. One of my articles was also recently featured in Africa and I got my first client from the Burkina-Faso. I would never have imagined 4 years ago, that having a business specializing in networking in New York City, would one day lead to me getting clients from Canada, Australia or Africa. Never!

So how could you too get clients from all over the world just by sitting behind your computer? If you are not doing it yet - start writing articles!

About 2 years ago, a friend of mine who had a website that specialized in French people living and working in New York, asked me if I could write articles (in French) for her website, since I was doing seminars on how to find a job in New York. I had never thought about it before but I said, ‘Why not!’ So for a year I wrote a number of articles. Then a publisher from New York asked if I would like to write an article in English for his magazine. I said “No, I can’t, my English is not good enough to write, there is no way I can do that”. He said, “You can always ask somebody to help you to proofread it, that’s all you need”.

About six months later he asked me again, and I said no again, because I didn’t think I was ready for it. But then I thought about it and realized that I was using my English as an excuse and I was just procrastinating.

So one day I said, “Ok this is it, I have to do it”. I sat behind my computer and six hours later, I finally had my first article written. And I was actually surprised that I enjoyed the process and it was much easier than I originally thought. So I wrote a second one and it took me only two hours this time, and then a third one. And I realized that I had so many things to say that I couldn’t stop writing. And it was this that led to me writing my book “Start Your Dream Business Today”. So I went from one article to a book. I now write and publish online a new article every month.

If you think that you don’t know how to write or will not be able to write, just try and you will be very surprised. And it is probably easier for you than it was for me, since English is your first language.

So now here are 7 simple ways to get new clients writing articles.

1/ Write articles, it is free. It will take some of your time, but who better than you can speak about your expertise, your services and your products. Writing articles shows people that they can trust you, and it builds up your image and your credibility as an expert.

2/ Post your articles online. You can post your articles on various ezine directories like You can find at least a hundred of them looking on Google. Some are free, for others you have to pay a small fee.

3/ Take advantage of the resource box “About the Author”. Make sure to include the benefit of your services, offer a free report, mention your newsletter and of course mention your website. People like free stuff, so when offering a free sample of your work, people will be more willing to check your website and sign-up for your newsletter to get the information they are looking for.

4/ Grow your list with your target market. How would you like to have your target market coming to you instead of chasing it? When people find and read your articles online, it is because they are interested by the topic. The chances are they would like to learn more about the topic and more about you, so they will go to your website to do this. Writing articles geared towards your target audience will save you lots of money compared to communicating via a more classic advertisement. It will also ensure that a higher volume of people visit your site. When you promote your products or services on your newsletter, people will get the chance to know you and trust you and when the time comes, they will buy your products or services.

5/ Grow your traffic. One of the main purposes of writing articles it to encourage more traffic on your website. When you publish your articles on ezine directories, this will give you hundreds of websites pointing to your site, which will also help your ranking on search engines.

6/ Get unlimited exposure. When you post your articles online you don’t control anything.

Numbers of people who read and like your articles will republish them on their own websites. I am always surprised when I Google my name to see new websites using my articles. And the great thing about it is that it is free publicity. The exposure is huge because it can be websites from companies from various countries, not only the US. That is how I found some of my articles republished by companies from UK, Canada, Australia, Africa, Poland, or China.

7/ Become an expert. Become “THE GO TO GUY” in your field and you will quickly realize that people will come to you for your expertise. As a result, you well get new clients without leaving your home or office.

And here comes the magic. Just watch your business grow and get tons of new clients, local or national or international. And the beauty of it is that the only thing you had to do, was to spend a couple of hours or less writing about what you do and what you love the most, speaking about your favorite topic: your business.

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(c) 2007 Biba F. Pedron


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