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7 Most Useful Tools for Your Small Business

Tools for Small Business Owners

Keira Walter

November 03, 2016

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Running a small business can be a difficult and time consuming ordeal! Fortunately, there are plenty of awesome tools out there that can make your job so much easier.


Making a website is a daunting task, but important for all small businesses - especially those who want to create content. Wordpress is the world’s most popular Content Management System and makes website creation especially easy. Wordpress has powerful blogging capabilities to help you use content marketing, and is easily customisable through thousands of plugins and themes. Furthermore - it’s entirely free!


Canva makes design accessible for everybody, with its extremely intuitive online application allowing everybody to create amazing looking graphics for all purposes. The best thing about Canva is how easy it is to use; beautiful looking templates, icons, images, graphs and Google fonts are all there to dragged and dropped to your liking. Millions of stock photos are available cheaply, at the click of your mouse. Canva is great for producing attractive communication graphics for your business.


Running a business involves a lot of data! Be it photos, accounting documents, menus or meeting minutes - you will need somewhere to store everything. Dropbox is your personal cloud-based filing cabinet, meaning you can store and access your files from anywhere with an internet connection. The great thing about Dropbox is that it has advanced security features which helps to protect your important information from attack.

Google Analytics

Businesses are run based on numbers, and Google Analytics is the king of numbers. This tool allows you to analyse how much traffic is directed at your website, where it’s coming from, what keywords your target audience is searching for and much more. Access Google’s incredible wealth of data and use it to tune your business towards the demands of the market.

VPN Software

It’s crucial that your internet connection at work is secure and protected from malicious attack. Many businesses fail to think about protecting their information and become the victim of hackers who steal or delete important data. This can be disastrous for your business and it's essential to take steps to protect against it. VPN software establishes a Virtual Private Network within your business, locking it down from public access. This is the easiest way to add a massive layer of security to your business. Consider looking at some VPN reviews at Secure Thoughts.


Running a small business can be extremely challenging, presenting you with new questions every day. This is where Quora steps in. Quora is a marketplace for answers to questions, proving a hugely valuable resource for finding information and informally polling people. You can even follow topics that particularly interest you, allowing you to keep in touch with useful conversations. If you’re someone who is usually too shy to ask questions, you can ask things anonymously through Quora.


Building lists and using email newsletters is a crucial part of digital marketing and a great way for businesses to stay connected with their customers. It allows you to remind previous customers of your services, sending them promotions and encouraging them to engage with your business again. Mailchimp is an amazing tool for simplifying the curation of lists and the design of newsletters, so that your Electronic Direct Marketing (EDM) is professional, targeted and effective. The best thing is, Mailchimp is free for your first 2000 subscribers and 12,000 monthly emails.

There are a wealth of amazing tools on the internet that make the process of running a small business much easier. You can take things to the next level with those mentioned in this list.


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