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Coaching; How To Help People Take Commitment For Their Development
January 24, 2007
by Bob Selden
Is there an alternative to telling someone what they should do or know? This article shows how a proven coaching method is implemented.

Where Have All The Honest Managers Gone?
January 22, 2007
by Bob Selden
Is honesty missing from management today? Does honesty have any impact on morale, productivity, employee turnover? Find out the latest research results and how a manager can apply these results on a day to day basis.

Tips for Improving Organizational Culture
January 04, 2007
by Linda Devis
The term Organizational Culture denotes attitude, experience, beliefs and values of the work group or team within the organization, which to an extent affect the whole system.

7 Tips To Organize The Perfect Business Meeting
December 22, 2006
by Dan Borlan
As most of you already know, organizing successful business meetings is all down to a good logistics and planning. Don’t give special attention to this and your meeting could become a total failure.

Year End Investment Ideas and Tax Strategies
December 18, 2006
by Steve Selengut
First thing Monday morning I'm going to march into my boss's office and demand a pay cut

Are You Positive or Negative?
December 12, 2006
by Bob Selden
Ever wondred why some people seem to be so much more positive than others? Or perhaps, why when you are trying to get someone to do something for you, it has the opposite effect? In this article, Bob Selden suggests it may hsve something to do with your “locus of control”.

Reward Your MVP (Most Valuable Player)
December 08, 2006
by John Mehrmann
No matter what the sport or business, we all have a Most Valuable Player. Surprisingly, most businesses either do not recognize the MVP, do not realize the importance of demonstrating appreciation, or fail to include the MVP in the most important business decisions or processes.

Business Owners: Are You a Manager, an Employee, or Both?
December 04, 2006
by Victoria Ring
Every business is unique. That is because every business owner is unique. From the way we dress, to the food we eat; to the way we handle life and make decisions, every business owner runs a unique enterprise.

Interview Questions - Things to Think About Before the Interview
November 29, 2006
by John Mehrmann
Whether you are preparing to interview, preparing to be interviewed, or just interested in conducting a quick self-analysis, the following topics tips will help you develop a perspective. An ounce of preparation is prevention from a pound of Preparation H.

Be a Successful Work from Home Boss
November 16, 2006
by Brian Chambers
Being a successful work from home boss comes to those who put proper research and planning into their efforts initially. One person might find success as their own work from home boss tied to working with one of many online opportunities available.

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