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3 Ways to Encourage Work-Life Balance in Your Employees

What can you do to improve the work-life balance of your employees?

Jasmine Williams

December 07, 2018

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What can you do to improve the work-life balance of your employees? At first, the question may seem unimportant as you focus on tasks that are seemingly more important.

However, the work-life balance of your employees can affect every area of your business. In other words, keeping your employees healthy, happy, and satisfied is good for both you and them.

To begin with, employees who feel fulfilled naturally tend to produce more and do better work. They also feel a greater sense of loyalty to their employer.

As a result, they can increase profits by reducing your recruiting and training costs. You might also discover that satisfied employees provide a higher quality of customer service than stressed-out workers can supply.

To make your business more stable and profitable, use the following ideas to help your employees achieve a balance between their work and personal life.

Offer Flexible Scheduling

Some employers misinterpret flexible schedules as an arrangement that allows employees to work whenever they want. Don’t make that mistake.

Rigid work hours can cause problems for parents who need to either drop off or pick up their children for school. On the other hand, a flexible schedule gives employees the opportunity to accommodate their personal obligations, within a given set of parameters.

So, create a policy that stipulates when team members must be present. Outside of that, allow them to choose the rest of their schedule.

You can also offer your employees the opportunity to work a portion of their hours from home. By telecommuting, employees recover the time they would ordinarily spend commuting. It also helps them to stay productive while looking after sick family members.

When you reduce the conflicts your employees have with their personal responsibilities, they will have less stress. At the same time, your business will become more valuable as an employer.

Employees know that they will have a difficult time finding a different job that offers similar flexibility. Additionally, your business will attract high-quality job seekers who recognize the value of flexible scheduling.


Respect Time Off

When your employees take time off, leave them alone. Avoid the temptation to contact them via email, text, and telephone. Instead, encourage them to use their time away to refresh their mind and body.

Technology keeps people connected all day, every day and adds to the stress of modern life. Consider offering incentives for your employees to spend their time off away from electronic devices.

As little as one day away from digital screens can result in better sleep and elevated moods. It also offers other health benefits such as reduced eye strain. Meanwhile, time spent in digital detox can help people realize how much time they habitually spend with devices at their fingertips.

So, let your team members know that you want them to keep their phones and computers off while they’re not at work. They will feel better and manage their personal relationships and work-related responsibilities better.

Even during the workday, you can take steps to prevent technology from taking its toll on your employees. For instance, you can require employees to take a short break every hour to stretch and rest their eyes to reduce the strain of long stretches of computer time.


Sponsor Events

Encourage your employees to bond with each other on a personal level by sponsoring monthly special events. You can sponsor after-work socials in your facility or go offsite to enjoy bowling, movies, sporting events, or picnics.

You can also have your entire team participate in community and charity events. Doing so can improve public perception of your brand while giving your employees a chance to develop teamwork in a fun environment.

When you have family events, remember that some families have young children. For this reason, you should provide babysitting services so that everyone can participate.

As your employees and their families get to know each other and interact, they will form close relationships. This will create a healthy, supportive atmosphere where no one ever feels alone. Such a support network gives people a sense of safety, especially when challenging personal circumstances arise.

In summary, employees who have a healthy work-life balance contribute much to a business’ productivity, stability, and profitability. They also live happier lives that are less stressful and more fulfilling. After applying the above tips, look for other ways to build a healthy winning team.




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