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Easy Ways to Create Recurring Income from Membership Site

Parshant Puri

September 16, 2008

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Learning how to produce recurring revenue is an internet marketer’s biggest challenge. Most marketers will go about this by creating multiple websites, products and domains. But that task can become intimidating. 

You can eliminate this by using an easier method: building a membership site. 

A paid membership site can be very lucrative in creating recurring income for the owner. No longer will you have to charge a customer once for your product or service. Now, you can charge them on a monthly (or sometimes bi-monthly) basis. 

The process of creating a membership site can be done in just minutes with the proper use of software and scripts. Since building a membership site has become simple, there are now literally hundreds (if not thousands) of these sites available on the Internet. 

The first mistake that most Internet marketers make is believing that they cannot compete with the mass amount of membership sites. The truth is that you can go head to head with them, and incur little or no additional costs.

Since there are so many membership sites on the web, how do you get your site to stick out from the rest? Two of the easiest ways is by consistently offering high quality products or services and by always giving exceptional customer service.

Offering first-rate products or services is something that every internet marketer should be committed in doing, whether or not they wish to travel down the road of becoming a membership site owner. 

When choosing products or services to promote, pick something that creates a lot of ''buzz''. This will ensure that you have a vast amount of potential customers to seek out. Some great examples of ''hot'' products or services are those catering to technology, business, health, and dating. 

Always create the highest quality products or services. If a customer feels that your products or services are of low quality, they will cancel their membership and might even tell others of their unfortunate experience. 

When you have decided a theme for your site and have prepared products/services for your upcoming members, it's time to invite potential customers to join. The best way to go about this is by launching your site and aggressively advertising it.

Your advertisements will determine if your site is just another one of the unknown thousands or a topnotch membership site. Advertise your newly built site by using such methods as creating an affiliate program, search engine optimization, pay per click, article marketing, and ezine advertising. 

Once you have begun to market and gain customers, your next task is to keep your members satisfied. Remember to always give excellent customer service. Be sure to respond to emails and be willing to help your customers out with any questions or problems that they may have.

Strive to meet, if not exceed, their hopes. This will not only create recurring memberships, but will also boost your site's reputation. Your members would be more than glad to endorse your site if they’re satisfied; good news about your site will spread like wildfire through word of mouth. 

When more members sign up, replying to emails and questions can become a full time job. You can simplify this by including automated emails and cancellation services, and by outsourcing repetitive tasks. 

Owning a membership website can help any online marketer overcome the challenge of producing recurring income. Once you have discovered a great niche to enter, create a membership site, promote it aggressively, provide outstanding products and services, and establish a good reputation by providing excellent customer service.

Creating a membership site is one of the true shortcuts on the road to creating recurring income.


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