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Gene coleman is a retired electrical contractor and accountant. Living in Florida, he enjoys golf, fishing and is an avid college football  fan.

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8 Tips for Choosing the Right Blog Software for Your New Blog

Profitable Blogging

Gene Coleman

April 23, 2009

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Choosing the right blog software for your new blog requires that you ask yourself some questions and make a list of all of the features and tools you need as well as your budget. Once you have this information written down you will be prepared to start shopping for blog software. However, keep in mind the following seven tips for choosing the best software for you.
Tip #1 Ping Updates
These allow you to update your blog and are very important in blog software. Make sure the blog software you are interested in provides automatic ping updates.
Tip #2 Comments
Whatever blog software you choose, you'll want to make sure that it has an area for comments from visitors. This will help you understand what is successful in your blog and what is not, as well as guide you in future blogs. This is a really great tool and should be part of your blog software.
Tip #3 Trackback
If you are discussing your blog on another blog, or simply adding information to another blog, trackback will allow you to update this information. This is a little confusing, but trackback allows you to talk on your blog about information on another blog and ping the writer of the other blog to let them know what is going on. Trackback is certainly a feature you want in your blog software.
Tip #4 Pingback
Pingback is similar to trackback, but it just sends a URL to the other blog to let them know you are talking about their blog on your blog. This is are now being used as much as trackback, and you will want a blog software that has at both of these functions.
Tip #5 Web-based
The point of a blog is you can post information instantly online, so you want your blog software to be similar to a word processor and web based without a shadow of a doubt.
Tip #6 Archiving
You want a blog software that supports archiving, and most of them do. The reason for this is you will want to save all of your past blogs by the date they were published and archiving allows you to do that.
Tip #7 Categorize
Another great tool you will want in your blog software is the ability to categorize. You want to keep your blogs organized and in categories, if you have them, so this option is really a great one for most bloggers.
Tip #8 Social Networking
You need to utilize these tools with twitter, MySpace and Facebook being the most popular. You Tube is becoming something to reckon with  and many others such Stumbleupon and newer ones to investigate such as Sqip.
There are lots of types of blog software available. You just need to do the research and compare what you find with what you need and then... start blogging!


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