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Inflation Proof Savings - Part II

More Hidden Financial Secrets of the Elite Wealthy, Rich and Famous - 2 of 4 Parts.

Tom La Falce

June 22, 2007

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History delivers the true facts. Inflation rises faster than wage increases and it cost more to live each and every year. As mentioned in Part I, in 1964 the United States went off of the Gold and Silver Standard when the US Dollar was backed by these tangible assets (gold and silver) and when the dollar was worth 100 pennies in purchasing power.  Now it is not backed by any tangibles like gold or silver! Today that same US Dollar is only worth only about17 cents in true purchasing power.  So if you were around in 1964 and you were earning $17,000 a year you would need to earn $100,000 a year today to live the same kind of lifestyle as you did in 1964.  Nothing more and not like a King or a Queen… just to maintain that same lifestyle you had back in 1964 earning $17,000 a year.

Here is something else to think about.  In the 1960’s, on average, it took one income to run a household.  In the 1980’s a lot of moms and dads had to have two incomes just to maintain the same lifestyle and household.  Today, it takes 2 parents working one or two jobs just to make ends meat. Simply do to the fact that Inflation, Interest Rates, and Income Taxes are increasing faster than wages.  Many families are living paycheck to paycheck, working 2 or more jobs just to stay afloat and for the most part, keeping the bill collectors at bay.

Throughout history Silver and Gold have been used as money and a sign of wealth and power.  Governments have been toppled for it and whole civilizations wiped out for it. It has been here for thousands of years before we were put on this earth and it will be here long after we leave this earth plus will always maintain its value.  For example on this subject and how these precious metals hold and maintain their purchasing power over time, let’s go back about 3,000 years during the rein of Cesar in the Roman Empire. 

If you walked into a robe maker (tailor) back then with a one a ounce gold coin you could of purchase a robe, tunic, sash, sandals, a walking stick, buy yourself a fine meal, a nights stay at an inn (their term for hotel) and in the morning on your way out of town have enough money to purchase a few goats and sheep.  Now let’s fast forward 3,000 years to today’s date.  With a one ounce gold coin providing you are a male, you could purchase a nice suit, dress shirt, tie, belt, underwear, socks, shoes, attaché case, have enough money for a nice meal at a pricey restaurant, stay in a beautiful hotel plus have enough money leftover to grab a cab ride home.  How can that be you ask?  Since gold fluctuates daily on the market, right now it’s running on an average of $670 (June 2007) per ounce, and certain Numismatic Coins are delivering a much higher gains based on their mint, numismatic date and condition.  So tell me… based on $670 an ounce for spot gold, can you or can you not receive everything I mentioned above for $670?  Of course you can!

Once again, history has proven the true and honest facts that precious metals maintain their purchasing power.  Another modern, example:  In 1966 you could have purchased a 1966 Ford Mustang GT with all the bells and whistles one of two ways.  You could use $2,000 in U.S. Paper Money or you could use 2,000 ounces of silver.  But nevertheless let’s say you did not purchase that Mustang back in 1966 and stashed away your $2,000 U.S. Paper Dollars into a suitcase and fast forward to today. If you brought in this same suitcase of cash to a Ford Dealership to purchase a Brand New Mustang the dealer would say “hey that makes a nice deposit… but you need another $24,000 in Federal Reserve Notes because that Mustang is now selling for $26,000.”  However if you put your 2,000 ounces of silver in another suitcase back in 1966 and walked into a ford dealership today, you could purchase the Brand New Mustang with the Same 2,000 ounces of silver and still have enough money left over to buy a nice suit, dress shirt, tie, belt, underwear, socks, shoes, attaché case, plus have enough money for a nice meal at a pricey restaurant, stay in a beautiful hotel plus have enough money leftover to put a down payment on your next vacation. 

How can that be you ask?  Well silver is being traded for approximately $14.20 an ounce for spot silver today (June 2007)… however a 1986 American Eagle BU Silver (1 Ounce) Coin (.999 Pure Silver) that was originally purchased around $5 per coin is now selling for and up to $67.50 per coin.  Do the math using 2,000 ounces of silver and see what you get?  Once again, precious metals maintain their purchasing power and could go up in time where Federal Reserve Notes go only one way… and that is down, down and down in purchasing power.

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To be continued… Stay Tune for Part III


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