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5 Ways to Get Things Done in a Fraction of the Time You're Spending Now

Francis Lui

April 01, 2009

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We'd all like to get more done in less time. The more you get done, the more results you generate for your business.  And the more you'll increase your income level.

What are some ways to increase your productivity?  Here are 7 ways...

1. Time limits.  When you have a time limit set, it forces your brain to figure out a way to get it done within the time limit.  If you set short (and realistic) time limits for yourself, you'll get your tasks done faster.  Try it.  You'll see how it works when you do.

An important point is that you must think that your time limits are non-negotiable.  They must be met no matter what, just like client deadlines.  Or like the time limits when you wrote exams back in school.  If you feel that the time limit can be broken, then you won't take it seriously and your productivity won't increase much.

Parkinson's Law states that “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.”  You can see evidence of this in your own life.  Whenever you had a lot of time available to do a task, you tended to work at it more slowly.  But when the time available was limited, you worked very hard and efficiently to get it done on time.

2. Prioritize your tasks.  Make sure you do your more important tasks first.  That way, you're working on the task that contributes the most value to your business.

Ask yourself, “What's the single most important thing that needs to be done now?”  And then do that task.

3. Don't multitask.  Multitasking hurts your productivity.  The best way is to work on one task at a time.  Put your mind on the task and put everything else aside.  Avoid constantly checking your email.  Avoid surfing the web.  And avoid chatting on an instant messenger while you're working.

4. Avoid interruptions.  Interruptions slow you down because every time you're interrupted, it takes time to get back into the task you were working on.  You'll have to figure out where you left off.

Try minimizing your interruptions.  If you receive personal phone calls while you work, tell them not to call during your working hours.  Set your instant messenger status to busy so people will message you less.  Turn your cell phone off.

5. Exercise, eat, and sleep right.  When you don't get enough sleep, it's hard to be productive.  It's important to get a full night's sleep every night.  Find out what works for you to sleep well every night.  For me, what works best is to wake up at the same time every morning, 7 days a week. 

You also want to exercise.  Exercise helps to keep your energy level up which boosts your productivity.

Eating right is also important.  It's hard to be productive when your stomach is grumbling because you're hungry.

You'll want to do these 3 things consistently.  Exercise, eat, and sleep right.  That way, your days will be more consistent.  And you'll be consistently more productive.


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