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Best Home Based Buisness Ideas

Free home based business

Paul Hauschka

May 11, 2006

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Most traditional businesses can cost thousands to start. So if you want inexpensive and/or free then try using a Web based business. There are several free tools available to help you create a high content design with a specific focus that can be a great marketing asset. If you don’t want to have to invest in a product then affiliate selling may be the best option for you. Once you have your web site complete and have high volumes of traffic using you key words and SEOs then you are ready to find a merchant that will affiliate with you. The affiliate promotes a merchants site with a link on his or her own web page. The merchant’s products and services are promoted through the link. When a customer clicks on a link and makes a purchase the merchant gives the affiliate a commission. This is because that visitor found the link from the affiliate.

The merchant and the affiliate will agree prior to the link being posted what the actual commission will be for a particular sale. The affiliate needs to make sure that the product and services he or she is promoting have to do with each other. You want to have a targeted audience and be able to promote these products and services on the affiliate site. If an affiliate has several types of businesses to promote they need to have their own sites independent on each other. This will keep things organized and only get the visitors who will generate sales. Make sure that all the pages you have are themed and easy to find on the popular search engines. You want to make sure that you are attracting potential buyers who are specifically looking for what your merchant or merchants’ offer.

Once you have figured out if a program offer is relevant to what your site contains choose a web site with high ranks on keyword searches. The higher the ranking on a specific search engine the higher the traffic that will be generated. This will also mean that this is a popular program, which is what you are looking for. You have found that site that will help you build a good affiliate relationship. Now it is time to contact your affiliate manager. This person will work with you to establish an account with said company. It is there job to be helpful and affective as well as respond back to you quickly. The affiliate manager should also be willing to go that extra step to make sure you have long-term success.

The best method of selling your site to someone else is to speak to your customers and visitors, as they are your friends. They will feel comfortable and in turn promote and advocate your sites and business to others. The best way to generate cash flow is to sell other peoples product, within an affiliate program. It is a sole source of income for the seller if they are not using an affiliate program. The more products of other people you sell the more in turn you will make. The first successful website is always the most difficult. Once you have figured it out you will surely succeed. 


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