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Top Reasons I Started My Own Home Based Business

Kerry Schoch

June 26, 2006

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Many years ago I remember getting up early for work, my husband would bring me my coffee while I got ready. He would put me in the car (with my coffee) and drive me to work. By the time I got there I was just about getting to be human. My family knows I don't function without coffee, they even bought me a magnet that says "Instant Human Just Add Coffee"

I've come to find out I'm not as bad as some. My friends husband said he would just like to have a taser for her in the mornings! Ouch.

Well those days are long gone! Now I stop by my office, on the way to the kitchen, and turn on my computer. By the time my first cup is down my computer is ready to go. So am I...

My husband is self employed so we can take off any time we want and I can still be making money. Don't you love it?

Has it been easy? NO!! But has it been worth it? YES!!

Let me tell you the reasons why....I started my own home based business.

1. SAVE MONEY - It can actually save you money depending on your circumstances. That's right save money. If you work out of the house you may have to pay for another car, including gas and insurance you may not need other wise. What about lunches out, day care, or clothes and shoes to wear to the office? It all adds up.

2. GET A TAX BREAK - The tax write of is wonderful. You can write off part of your home, electricity, phone and many of the items used in your office. Of course you will have to keep good records. If you are really not sure check with an accountant.

3. NO BOSS - Fire your boss! How many times have you wanted to do that? Ok, so sometimes I don't really play well with others. (Did I have my coffee?) But then you also have that one person in the office that gets on every ones nerves, every work place seems to have one. You know the one I'm talking about. Well you don't have to deal with them either.

4. A WORLD WIDE BUSINESS - If you choose the right venue you could have a world wise business. No limits to the income there. So be sure you check out the company you may want to work for. Some are only open to certain countries and that would limit your earning potential.

5. START PART TIME - You don't have to quit your day job to get started, in fact I wouldn't recommend it! But you can start in your spare time and once you meet or exceed you paycheck then you can quit.

6. TIME FREEDOM - As I mentioned earlier you can come and go as you wish. Want to take this week off? Go ahead! Want to go on a cruise? No problem. And while you are gone your bank account will still be growing. Who doesn't love that?

But MY main reason is...I have been able to be here with all my children as they have grown and I wouldn't change that for the world!

I'm sure you have your own reasons. Right? Then if this is something you REALLY want, I would say go for it!


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