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How Small Businesses Are Using AI and Machine Learning to Grow
November 08, 2018
by Jasmine Williams
AI and machine learning is allowing smaller businesses to offer more and more comprehensive services, while still keeping overhead low...

Overcoming the Challenges of Small Business Hiring
June 12, 2018
by Jug Babic
We investigate what small businesses can do to make better hires.

Five Undeniable Ways To Make Your Small Business More Productive
August 23, 2011
by Gourab Nanda
Innovating new ways to improve the productivity of your business should definitely be your top priority. Ideas flash your mind, suggestions pop up; some seem terrific and some get discarded and some turn ineffective when implemented, the key is to look out for new ways to improve productivity.

Busy Salons Thrive Even in This Economy When They Accept Credit Cards via Phone
June 08, 2009
by Diana Ennen
Salons benefit by accepting credit cards, especially those that have the option to accept credit cards over the phone. It's convenient and cost effective. These tips will show you how.

How to Evaluate Your Business & Improve Your Bottom Line During a Recession
March 23, 2009
by Tony Massaro
Find out how you can run your business more efficiently and more effectively... Follow these tips, and you can increase your bottom line, even during the recession.

Recession Proof Your Business
November 12, 2008
by Robert Romano
Quick and Easy Strategies to Increase Sales and Profits during a Recession...

Custom Vinyl Banners: My New Best Friend
October 10, 2008
by Andrew Keyes
Vinyl banners are a very low cost yet effective way for small business owners to market products and services.

CEOs Can Increase Cash Flow through Strategic Equipment Leasing
August 14, 2008
by Tom Williams
Is your business model failing you in the current economic climate? Many companies are struggling these days to get sufficient cash flow. A primary reason is that these models do not take into adequate consideration: the volatility of capital market, fuel and transportation costs, a crumbled housing market or the current recession and inflation rates. This article explores five strategies that when used while leasing equipment can give you added leverage to free up cash flow when it�s needed most.

Know What To Spy For When Doing Market Research
February 26, 2008
by Charen Smith
Ever heard of these principles? One writer/philosopher once said that in order for you to be competitive and even rise above the pack, you need to know your competition and what they�re doing to be different. When you do, you�ll surely be able to create tactics that will make you stand out and hence, make a difference in your market share.

Pros and cons of a network marketing business
October 08, 2007
by Alexandre Sobolevskiy
But the real money is made by recruiting business builders who have been sold on the same dream we bought. Don't forget it.

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