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Ebay Success - How to Make a Real Income

The Secrets Revealed

Earl stringer

October 28, 2008

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By now, anyone looking to make money online has heard of or maybe even used the ever growing and very popular ebay. The beauty of ebay is this; no matter what your financial goals are, this buyer/seller site can achieve them.  Some use ebay as a quick way to earn some extra cash, while others are using it to gain absolute financial freedom. The truth is;  more and more part-time sellers are wanting to convert over to the more lucrative side of "the ebay phenomenon".

I always recommend to those ,who are just looking to earn a few extra bucks, to start by selling things that they already own.  Maybe you have some old clothes that are still in good condition; but you never wear.  Toys are always a hot item on ebay, especially around the holidays.  We all know how fast chilrden can lose interest in toys.  One day, it's their most favorite toy in the whole wide world; the next, it's at the bottom of the toy box.  Maybe you might even have some reading, how-to or even old cook books that are just taking up some space.   Listing these things on eBay can easily earn you some extra cash. 

Now, let's get serious here.  For those that want to make a real income on ebay listen up!  Generating a consistent stream of income on ebay isn't as hard as some might think. To be completely honest, it's quite easy.  Do you ever wonder how those big time money makers become Power Sellers on ebay?  Well, it's your lucky day because I'm about to tell you. The answer is, wholesale drop shippers.

What are wholesale drop shippers?

Wholesale drop ship companies are companies that you can buy goods from at discount or wholesale prices. These companies will then drop-ship the goods to the ebay sellers (that would be you) customers. The cool thing about drop shippers is the fact that the distributors name is never revealed. The ebay seller decides what the senders address is.  Here's a tip, many sellers just use their name or their own business name, this makes the ebay seller look very professional.  So, this is how it works.  Let's just say that you wanted to sell tennis rackets on ebay.  You already found a drop ship company that has tennis rackets at a reasonable price.  What you would do now is list one of these tennis rackets on ebay for whatever price you want.  After the item is sold, you would then go back to the drop ship company that you found earlier and order the item.  When it comes to the shipping details,  all you have to do is put in the information provided by the buyer when they purchase the item on ebay.  So, in turn, the drop-ship company will then send the tennis racket straight to your buyer, and you never have to handle any merchandise or inventory!   The best part is, you get to keep the difference as profit.  What I mean is this, if you found tennis rackets on your drop ship site for only $75.99; and you listed it on ebay for $175.99, you would have made a $100.00 profit!

Finding quality wholesale drop-ship companies will be the back bone of your ebay business success.


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