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Hosting for a Small Business

Seth nichols

December 11, 2014

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This service is what allows your website to be visible on the internet, by providing an internet connection and space for you on their servers. The quality of the service determines the speed, performance and usability of your website, making it essential to choose the right one.

Most of the internet is on shared hosting, which means that they only have a small part of a server and do not have much control over their website.

This is just fine if you want to start a blog, but if you want to run an online business then you need a few more resources and many more customisation options.  A Virtual Private Server (VPS) might be exactly what you are looking for.

With this kind of service, you get part of a server but your own server environment. This means that you have all of the customisation, apps and options of a full server, but you are only paying for what you’re using.

If you are a start-up looking to start building a customer base, then you can start with a smaller VPS and then move into a larger space as your company grows. This flexibility and scalability is one of the many reasons why people trying to get started in the world of e-commerce prefer a VPS, as it allows for better cost management of your IT needs.

Having your own server environment also means being able to control what programs are installed on your server. You have a choice of content management systems (the software that lets you manage what goes on your pages) as well as other apps.

If you need order tracking, or databases or a media rich environment then there is probably a program that can help you do that fairly easily. You can install as many things as you need to create the right virtual infrastructure for your business.

Hardware maintenance and upgrades are a big concern when it comes to building your IT strategy, as they can be pretty expensive. However, having a VPS and a hosting company can really cut down on your technology costs.

Updating software, creating back-ups, buying and installing new hardware and other tasks associated with upkeep fall on the side of the hosting company. A web hosting service also has many servers at their disposal, which means that if one of them fails, they can simply migrate you to a new one with little or no downtime for your website.

If your business has very specific needs when it comes to IT and lacks a dedicated staff, then consider going for managed hosting. This way, your hosting service provider assists you directly and takes care of those particular needs. They should even go the extra mile to install the right software for your business and help everything run smoothly.


Choose the right service and you should be on your way towards e-commerce success.


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