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Who Put All These Trees in the Forest? Making Pre-show Promotion Stand Out!
May 27, 2008
by Susan Friedmann
Pre-show promotion is the single most valuable step any exhibitor can take to help drive traffic to the exhibit, up the percentage of high-value, qualified leads, and ensure a positive ROI.

Local Business Search 2.0
February 12, 2008
by Marshall Tallman
This article is designed to research some of the ways that small businesses, home based businesses and consumers use existing websites to improve the way that they do business. The primary focus is on various sites that are used by individuals to find businesses and by businesses to find customers.

How to Double Your Response in Google Adwords
June 04, 2007
by Peter Grundner
So what's the #1 mistake that costs the average advertiser thousands? The answer is encompassed in two simple words – “Content Network”.

Brochure Creation For Dummies
May 17, 2007
by Janice Jenkins
This is an article intended to give marketing amateurs a simplified step-by-step process on how to come up with a brochure that might not be the most spectacular marketing piece anyone's ever come up with, but one that's effective enough to drive the point.

Is Your Web Site Marketing Killing Sales?
May 02, 2007
by Charlie Cook
If you want people to come to your web site and buy you need to make it simple. Start by creating an easy path for them to follow using these 4 steps...

How Google Ranks Your Pay Per Click Campaign (and why you need to know)
April 21, 2007
by Peter Grundner
This brief article contains important secrets that very few know about how Google ranks you Pay Per Click campaign and what you need to know to get the best position in their search engine.

Seven Easy Steps to Follow Up by Phone
April 10, 2007
by C.J.Hayden
These tips suggest that you hold your focus on being of service to the other person. That mental shift may be the most important thing you can do to make follow-up calls easier. If your intention is to help people instead of to sell to them, not only will you find it easier to call, the people you talk to will find it easier to buy.

Market Your Business On A ShoeString
March 06, 2007
by Jessica VanderHaar
Many small businesses buy into the myth that it takes a big budget marketing strategy to generate more business. This is simply not true. The focus needs to be on the quality of the advertising instead of the cost of it. If you have a limited marketing budget you can still form a marketing plan that will work for your company.

A Pocket Full of Business Cards
January 30, 2007
by C.J.Hayden
This article is about keeping track of your prospective clients and referral sources as key to an effective and successful marketing strategy.

Home Based Blinds Business Opportunity
December 07, 2006
by M.B. Gournay
A complete How To guide for establishing and thriving in your own Home Based Blinds Business.

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