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Attracting the Right Investors with a Well-Organized Business
December 16, 2014
by Mary Ann Keeling
Making a smooth multi-million dollar exit has been a long time staple of the tech industry. The blockbuster formula seems to be to come up with a cool idea, to get that early round of VC money to set the bar, then to wait around for the big buyout when you can press the eject button and land comfortably on your private yacht which is docked at the island you’re about to buy.

Time Management Tips for Home Business Owners: How to Make More Money with Less Time & Energy
May 28, 2007
by Kevin Thompson
Many people equate hard work with success. There’s absolutely NO correlation between how hard you work and how much money you put into your bank account.

Business Development Training: Follow Up Business Opportunities
September 20, 2006
by Will Kintish
One of the simplest yet most overlooked business development opportunities is identifying the Ahaa! moment. This might happen at a Networking event or in the course of general business.

Finding A Free Home Based Business Opportunity
July 05, 2006
by Richard Henderson
How to begin looking for free home based business opportunity to get you started.



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