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Home Based Business You Can Start (With Little Start Up Costs)

The Plug In Profit Business

Jessica VanderHaar

November 14, 2006

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Internet Marketing is as old as the Internet itself.  In it's infancy Internet Marketing was simply text-based websites that provided product information. As the internet grew and evolved, so did Internet Marketing. The concept moved from simple information based / text websites into lavish graphic filled advertisements. 

The attraction to Internet Marketing is the sheer size of the potential consumer base. No longer is one limited to local advertising. The internet allows consumers from across the globe the ability to search out products and information.

Now the concept of Internet Marketing has caught the eye of many entrepreneurs and is turning into a popular work from home business. One such business that is steadily increasing in popularity is the Plug In Profit site. 

The Plug In Profit website first debuted over 4 years ago as a creation of Internet Marketer Stone Evans, otherwise known as "The Home Biz Guy". Mr. Evans created the Plug In Profit concept as an incentive to join a few select affiliate programs. What it does is provide free websites that are loaded with select affiliate programs that you, as a new Internet Marketer, can promote. 

The website that is created for the new Internet Marketer who joins the Plug In Profit business is initially loaded with a handful of programs to start the new affiliate off. These initial programs are SFI, Host4Profit, GetResponse, Internet Marketing Warriors, Empowerism and Traffic Swarm. The entrepreneur can join any Plug In Profit program at no charge. Once the website is built for the entrepreneur, usually within 24 hours of joining, they are ready to begin to advertise their new business and bring other affiliates into their downline. 

As you start your own business with the Plug In Profit website you are able to pick your own domain name, which is displayed on the website that is created for you. There is a web hosting fee, as there is to have any website available on the Internet. For the entrepreneur who is new to the world of Internet Marketing, starting off with a Plug In Profit website can be very beneficial as you are provided with online marketing tips and ongoing training. You have access to a members-only forum where you can get quick responses to questions you may have.

Another benefit of the Plug In Profit website is the book that is included in the website set up package. The book "30 Days to Success" is a day by day guide to help the novice Internet Marketer find success working their home business on the web. Topics such as how and where to advertise the Plug In Profit website and program, how to write articles that will promote ones business, how to get ranked higher in the Search Engines, etc. are included. The book also covers optional offline marketing strategies as well as many other ideas and tips to help one succeed.

Lastly, as a Plug In Profit business owner you are given your own, fully customizable email newsletter that will market your company for 400 days in a row. This is an added benefit of joining the Plug In Profit business model.

The website itself can be customized to suit ones own style and direction. Many successful Internet Marketers begin with the basic Plug In Profit website so they can begin to grow their business while they are learning the ins and outs of Internet Marketing; however, as their business grows they often change their website to add additional programs and to change the look and feel of the site itself. The Plug In Profit website makes customizing the site uncomplicated. 

Although the Plug In Profit business model gives you all the tools and products that you need to be successful, what it can not do is make you take action. Being an Internet Marketer can be a very rewarding business. It appeals to those who want to be able to set their own hours, work from the comfort of their own home office, avoid rush hour traffic and maybe even work in one's pajamas. Stay at home moms and dads alike have discovered the opportunity Internet Marketing provides but this is a business, like any other business, that does take effort. 

With PIPS (Plug In Profit), you are in business for yourself; however, you are not by yourself. Between the "30 Days to Success" book, the help desk available to those who have questions and the Members Only forum where other Internet Marketers provide helpful information on what they have found works and what pitfalls they have been able to avoid, the new Internet Marketer is not left in the dark trying to start a business with no help or resources.


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