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5 Amazing Brand Building Benefits of Guest Posting

Daniel Bailey

September 14, 2017

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As a brand, building a blog is imperative to building authority in your industry or niche. Guest blogging is one of the most powerful ways to build relationships with your target audience, as well as build your SEO and brand. Despite the pros, many fail to recognize exactly what guest blogging can do for them. Over the years, there’s been a disparity between whether guest blog is truly important to businesses or whether it’s just another average link building strategy. However, there are many ways you can experience the pros of working with blogs to promote your business and experience. Here are just a few:

Increase SEO

Having backlinks from authority sites makes your brand look official to search engines. Relevancy is a big deal to Google, and when you guest post on relevant sites, you’re contributing to that relevancy. Skylar Malley, CEO of Denver-based SEO agency Firestarter, says that research plays a critical role here. “Google is becoming smarter each day and they are beginning to notice whether your article and the site it is published on is relevant to one another,” says Malley. As many people know, Google rewards for good behavior, and the more backlinks from authority sources, the better your SEO reputation will be.

More Traffic, More Conversions

When you produce quality work, people gravitate towards you. Let’s say you run a copywriting agency and guest blog about how brands can attract clients using key language tactics. Yes, you’re increasing your SEO. Yes, you’re building links. And yes, you’re pulling in traffic. But most importantly, perhaps someone really likes your article and reaches out to ask for your services. These conversions are the crux of guest posting, and what all business owners are really driving towards. People can better discover you when you’re on platforms they care about, and because they trust those platforms, they’re more likely to do business with you.

Relationship Building

One of the major reasons guest blogging is so powerful is that, beyond the SEO value, your byline established your leadership with a particular topic. This means that not only does your guest post come up in search engine results, but can also help build valuable business relationships with blog owners and even people who come across your work. These professional connections can help you in the long-term, and it’s important to build a network of individuals in the same market.

The more you establish a relationship with a blog owner, the more likely you’ll be given opportunities to post in the future. As this individual grows their blog, you’ll be at the forefront of someone else’s success, too. This is why it’s so important to guest blog for publications with a variety of audience sizes -- you never know what growing blog will be the next big thing in your space.

Become a Thought Leader

Becoming an expert by way of search engines has many perks -- and SEO benefits are at the forefront. A simple guest post can easily turn into numerous opportunities. This is exactly what happened to Ann Smarty, owner of MyBlogGuest. During an interview, Smarty told Moz that after one guest post, she started to receive regular invites to publish with other sites, too. Soon, she became a thought leader on guest blogging, and was able to promote her site with 100% guest blogging -- without ever paying for any advertisement.

Track Your Results

Your guest blogging efforts should always be tracked. This will help you understand exactly how your posts are influencing the online community. Over time, you’ll be able to compare an army of links and gather reliable data on which posts are most popular, what publications are a better match, and how traffic from different sources are affecting your sales. You can do this by setting up an “Advanced Segment” with Google, as this is the most effective way to measure your success and make alterations as needed. In business, you should always be measuring and testing, and guest posting efforts are no different.

Major Brands Have Experienced Benefits

By now you’ve identified some key reasons to up your guest posting efforts. But if you’re still not convinced, one of the best ways to understand the benefits of guest blogging to see how other brands have found success. Fortunately, there are plenty of case studies that demonstrate the powerful potential of devising a guest blogging strategy.

A good example of this is Evernote’s CEO Phil Libin, who shared his stories of building and promoting an application with TechCrunch, an authority in the startup community. Libin shared statistics and was transparent about the challenges and benefits of bringing an app to market. Regardless of your industry, sharing your knowledge and being open about pitfalls and achievements is a great way to connect with readers and other leaders.


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