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Spaced Out: The Dangers of Overspending on Retail Space

Jason Ausmus

June 23, 2009

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When you look for a new location to set up shop for your new or expanding business, assessing the amount of Retail space you need is crucial to saving money on the move. You want to leave room to expand, but buying so much space that you can’t utilize it all within a few months of moving in is a waste of money. This is also an important thing to consider when looking into leasing an office for your business.

Office leasingis essential to any retailer wanting to present themselves professionally in an office as well as a retail store. Just like with retail space, you want to make sure you don’t lease an office with space that you will not use. Office leases are calculated by the amount of space is in the office. You’ll want to look into leasing an office that is inside a building with different offices of other retailers. These offices save you money and are generally small enough for you to create a professional look for your business while saving yourself money.

If you’re a new business you want to evaluate the amount of inventory you will be selling as a retailer. If you’re not selling a ton of items, it is more cost efficient to share the space with another retailer. If you’re looking for a building that can be your own with only your inventory, make sure that the amount of inventory matches with the amount of space the building has. Wasting money on space that you don’t need will hurt your business in the long run.
For larger corporations that can afford a lot of retail space and offices will still need to take into consideration how much space they are willing to keep gray. It’s important to remember that even large companies are not invincible to the falls of the economy. Many large companies have declared bankruptcy in the past few months, and there’s no reason to think that your company is immune. Look at all the angles and make sure that you are not overspending. The money overspent could be money that keeps your business afloat during economic depression.

While it is important to make sure you’re not overspending on space, it’s also important to not under spend as well. If you only buy enough space for the shelves that hold your product, how our customers going to be able to browse the product? One of the most common phobias existing is claustrophobia. People who are in close quarters between the product and other people are less likely to buy the product. They just want to get out of the store and find one that is a little more consumer friendly. Make sure you find the right balance between the two.


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