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California Small Business Owners Gather for Success in Pasadena

Maria Mitsova
April 27, 2007

The City of Pasadena will welcome the California Small Business Success Conference Wednesday, May 2, 2007 from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Work motivation, deligating rights and business planning are only a few of the topics to be discussed at the biggest gathering of small business owners at the Pasadena Conference Center in California.

A total of 45 workshops will give attendees the opportunity to learn how to plan for establishing, financing and expanding their business and develop the right marketing strategy.

Sessions include issues related to attracting and retaining the right employees, employee incentives and the labor laws, credit and collections, expansion to more than one location, business etiquette.

The conference targets businesses of up to 250 employees, people planning to start a small business or to sell a business, business owners facing marketing problems and all those wondering whether a small business is right for them.

The Exhibitor Area gives businesses the chance to make their products visible to the thousands attendees expected to visit the conference.

The keynote speaker session is sponsored by Microsoft Office Live and features business author Laurence Haughton. As Mr. Haughton says on his website, he "is a writer, a speaker, and a management consultant specializing in strategic execution". In a 70-minute workshop, Mr. Haughton will speak about how to use speed for a better performance.

Laurence Haughton's keynote, "It’s Not the Big that Eat the Small… It’s the FAST that Eat the Slow", carries the name of the book he co-authored together with Jason Jennings in 2001. His step-by-step presentation will uncover the rules for making the kind of quick decisions that one will never regret, where to get the best advice for spotting trends and the three building blocks that lead to explosive growth.

The California Small Business Success Conferences are organized by Ken Keller and Karen Butler. CEO Ken Keller is a recognized business authority with his work appearing in the Los Angeles Times, the Daily News of Los Angeles, Orange County Register. Karen Butler, COO, has spent 25 years of Management and Customer Service experience in the high end travel & hospitality industry.


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